Wednesday, July 25

Room Reveal

Ok I kept you waiting over night. I'm sorry. The real reason is that I was soooo tired I couldn't keep my eyes open to continue the post!!

After two weeks I was able to put my babies back into their room. They were excited and happy that the room that once was a combination of old and new furniture, hand me downs and just a plain mess has become a place  they can call their own!!!

I started with the doona cover each and tried to tie in the rest of the room based around the fabric
It was hard to choose colours that suited both boy and girl! I guess shared rooms aren't the rage these days!!!  lol

it still needs a few 'pretty' touches but I'm really happy with the result!!!


  1. were did you get your comforters from. I am looking for the same thing for my girl and boy

    1. Sorry I didn't reply back when you wrote me! I haven't written on this blog for years ! I got the covers from IKEA a million years ago! Thanks for following and reading along! Good luck with your room. I hoped it worked out lovely!

  2. Hi there. I know this is an old post, but I'd love to know where you got your duvet/doona covers from. I'm trying to find similar ones for my twins. Thanks

  3. Hi Louise! I haven't written on my blog for years! I actuallly got the covers from IKEA. It was a long time ago! Still have them!! They don't use them! Where are you from? Thanks for reading and following my journey. Makes me want to write again!!


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