Thursday, February 28

Ahhh School !!!

This picture captures my children to a tee!!!
The faces tell a thousand words!!!
Look at how happy and excited the little one is and how my eldest!!!

I find myself secretly smilling at this one each and every time a see it!! Love it!!!

 and before my very eyes my middle child has grown over night and is heading off to Big School!!

 But he still loves kisses from Mum!!

 She will get there soon!!!

A big day!! Praying that you have the most fantastic year little one, and may your mind be a sponge to soak up all the knowledge from your new world!!!

Sunday, February 24

A new year has February!!!

I started this blog to record all the wonderful things life has to offer and all the experiences that I share with family and friends. Well...I suck at it!!!!

As you can see I have been missing in action and haven't sat down to write!! True I have been busy. I had a little one start school, a new year at work, holidays, camping, relaxing and not to mention my little addiction to the "Candy Crush" app on my phone!!!!

So I have alot to fill my loyal followers up on!

I'm actually not sure where to start

I guess somewhere in December 2012

I just downloaded my photos and of course they are not in any order!!!

So random is how I will roll!! lol

I'm sure you will get the 'jist' of what I've been doing!!!

A little Boy Graduated from Preschool..sniff sniff  sob sob

I was so proud of him and watch his little face smile as he walked across the stage to recieve his certificate...Proud mum moment!!!

 Sister is the comedian
 Best friends
 yep there is that killer smile!!!
Mummy and Julian

Then it was off to make Gingerbread houses for Christmas
Loved hanging out with the girls and chatting!!!

December is a very busy time for me as I have my birthday, wedding anniversary and Christmas. So here is my 25th birthday picture with the kids...maybe not exactly 25!!!!

Stealing a kiss from Mummy

Birthday lunch with the MIL -Mother In Love!!!!

Then off for a getaway with my husband for our 13th Wedding Anniversary!!

We didn't go far!!! Terrigal Beach!!! Gotta love being a local!!!

Missed the kids too much and came home!! lol

A few selfies with my amazing best friend as we head out for my work Christmas party at The Rocks Sydney. Great night with lots of fantastic people!!!

Sleep in the next day!!!!

More cuddles on the couch with brothers and sisters...This truely melts my heart!!!

More sleep!!!

Let the road trip begin !!!!

This year we decided to pack up and leave the world behind and go camping for three weeks over Christmas!!! It was fantastic!!! Santa found us (very concerned children!!) and we spent such a wonderful time together as a family!!!

Important to have decorations!!!

 Christmas Morning...and yes...hiding them was a killer!!!
 Daddy having coffee!!!
 Ruby playing with her goodies!!!

Cross betweeen bubble blowing and gan man style!!!

 4WD ing on the beach....SWEET!!!
 Ruby rocking shades
 A beach to ourselves!!!
We found a BOOST JUICE!! My Harry was VERY happy!!!

 Carnival rides
 Do you remember when this ride blew your mind? Jules was experiencing it for the first time!! lol
 Getting cool

Just love this face!!!!

Ok so I think this is enough for one night!! I got you up to my new year so I will endevour to get to February tomorrow!!!
Love lots Emma x

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