Saturday, January 8

Chilren are sent to try us...

This is the source of my fustration......

Miss Ruby Belle has been decorating my wall and her cot for the last 3 days with number twos!! Not happy Jan.

Yes you could say she is creative but I'm plain sick of it!!!!I can't believe a child could do this soooo much!

Yesterday I had such a wonderful sleep in. I woke to not a sound. This immediately alarmed me.
As a mum, I know that silence = trouble. 

My children usually wake me up every morning. For me to wake before them was suprising. So as I turned the corner into Miss Belle's room, the stench hit me like a wall! Creative juices were well indeed flowing!!!!

That was the straw that broke the camels back. I had cleaned up her over 5 times in last 3 days! ENOUGH..!!!

As my anger subsided and the day progressed, I remembered that I really do love her and she is such a little character. During her afternoon nap she insisted on going to bed like this....

bib, hat and bottle plus the shaggy dog..

your brother loves you too ( at times they share the naughty tag!)

when all is said and could you stay mad at such a sweetheart who loves a cuddle ( after she is all cleaned up of course)  !!!


  1. I think you should post a pic of the sexy builder that actually built the deck!! lol

  2. oops posted this comment to the wrong blog!! sorry i'm new! hehe

  3. no prob Elise send me a pic of him!! consider it done!!! hahaha thanks for the comment it makes me happy!! lol

  4. oh gosh, how awful!!! Somehow, I have escaped such 'artwork' from Fern, though my father reminds me that I used to do it when I was a baby!! Your little boy is the spitting image of you in that couch photo -- gorgeous!

  5. Thanks Nic. I'm enjoying blogging when I get a chance to myself. Hope all is well with you and your fam!! Oh and I love your blog too. Well done. I love your ideas!!
    Love Emma


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