Thursday, May 26

Here are a few of my favourite things....

I'm back to doing what I do best.....stalking blogs and dreamimg about my perfect house!! lol
Today had me in my PJs ALL day!! You know the kind of day where your husband gets home from work and looks me up and down and says..." I hope you are in your PJs early!" hahha I like to politely reply..."No I've been in them all day...your just jealous!!!!"

So after I cooked up an amazing tomato paste for our home made pizzas tonight, tucked the kids in for a nap, poured a cuppa, then my favourite time of day begins....stalking!!! I start with my favourite blogs. Here is some of which I found today...

I have to pause and stare at this bathroom. I truely is a room. I looooove it!!!!!

Nicole is an old school friend and has an amazing gift at creative projects. She has a shop which you can buy  lots of sweet handmade clothes for your bub or your friends babies!! Check out her blog here. Today she was dreaming of a creative space in her home. I thought I'd tag along and dream with her!!!!


Another favourite is the Pioneer Woman. I love the sound of that! This recipe is a favourite with my kids. It's easy and it tastes soooooo good!! Check out her recipes here. It blows my mind how she can think of all these recipes every day!! I wonder if she is tempted to do bangers and mash on a busy day?

Simone has some very clever ideas to decorate and home projects. It is very pretty, pink, vintage and floral. All these things appeal to me!! I love this idea I saw from her the other day. Using patty cake pans as tea light holders! I like it because you can enjoy these pretty cases without having to bake cakes (which doesn't help when I'm trying to loose the weight!).


Holly has an amazing ability to capture the most amazing pictures of her children. I love just reading some of her blog posts. They are honest, funny and true to life.


I find true inspiration from Kelle. I love reading about her day, life, adventures and passions. She has a young family of two girls, one has special needs. Her posts are so great to read and her pictures...beautiful!!!! It makes me want to buy a new camera!! One day.......

So here are a few of my faves..I hope you enjoy them. What are your favourite blogs? Leave me a comment so I can feed my habit!! lol It is very addictive!!!!!
Love Emma x

Wednesday, May 25

Starting The Day Right

How do you start the day? Are you a morning coffee gal, a brisk walk, cereal or toast? I want to look like this in the morning...

but I find myself relating to this person

I have found that starting the day on a positive note helps with the endless list of chores that must be completed in the day.

I don't have time to sit for long so my ipod has become my new friend. I download music and podcasts to listen to as I go about the day. I keep it in my makeup bag and take it where ever I go thoughout the day.

I wanted to share with you my favourite podcasts. They are all free and are about 20 mins long!!

Joyce Meyer.
This woman is awesome! I love how down to earth she is and she definately has a word or two to say about doing life with Jesus.

Hillsong Sisterhood
HIllsong have a weekly meeting for women are here are some of messages. They are really practical for chicks and their journey with God.

So i'm off to listen to my next podcast while I clean up the dishes from dinner!!
Take care
Love Emma x

Tuesday, May 10

What Is Left To Say?

Have you ever had that kind of day when by 9 am you feel like the day should be over?
I work a couple of days a week and every morning of a work day I feel that by the time I get there..the day should be just about over!

Coffee does help in the morning but I really need a copy of this song to play in the background as I dress children, feed, pack bags, make lunch, prepare the nights dinner, wash dishes, hang washing, take the bins out, clean a toilet, make a bed and maybe if i'm lucky catch the morning news on either the TV or the radio. I feel that keeps me connected to the outside world. These days disasters can happen and I have no idea until the nightly news!!!

Yes being a mum is the most exhausting job on the planet. Actually giving birth is the easy part!!!! Then you have to take them home and the real fun begins!

I love every minute of it! Be sure to take time out when you can and laugh at everyday. It makes you feel young!! lol

So to all the mum's have a great week and when you feel the stress level rise, the fun is gone and there seems to be a mountain in your way, ask yourself.....

Is this going to matter in eternity?

 If not ...let it go!!!

Don't let the little things steal your joy.

Friday, May 6

My Mum....

I have been a shocker at  posting lately..please forgive me!
My beautiful baby girl keeps me busy with  her stealth missions to destroy my house.
Today it was a little quiet as I cooked dinner. I'm on to her now! I throw down the tongs in the kitchen and begin to call her name..."Ruby, Ruby". No answer.

I turn the corner into the bathroom.
I found her.
I can see a cream all over her hands and face.
Dear Lord, I quietly pray. What is it today?

Well today my friends it was... FAKE TAN!!! OMG!!!

I am tempted to leave it on her and have her live with the consequences.
Then I realise, it would just make me look like a neglectful Mum who doesn't wash her children properly or worse...that I only bath her once a month!!!!Immediately I throw her in the bath (not literally) and begin to scrub. My face is stern and cross. I raised my voice and did the Mum rant.

Inside I'm actually smiling.
These are the things that I will remember for a lifetime.
The saying goes.."you'll look back and laugh at this". I didn't have to wait too long. My laugh bubbled up inside and I had to let it out! You probably think that I make these things up but honestly it's all true!!

No pictures today as I was a little concerned about fake tan and white bathroom tiles and sink. I don't think my husband would understand brown tiles, fake tan and a photo shoot in the middle of the chaos!! lol

I'm sure that my Mum can look back and laugh at some shockers that I had.
So today I give thanks to my special Mum who has seen all of this before.

My Mum and I a few years back

My Mum and I a few more years back!!

I love my Mum stacks. She is my best friend and I always wanted to be like her. She has a heart of gold and I believe loves us more and more each day! Thanks for being a great Mum!! Here are a few pictures I found for you....

I loved kisses!!!

My Mum and her Cheribs. (i'm the one with the bowl hair cut and fringe.I won't hold that against her..she tells me that was the fashion and I was trendy. I'm not sure if I'm ready to believe her!)

Me and my cheribs.

my beautiful friends. I hope you are spoilt and have a wonderful day!!!

For my Mum....

You Let Me Know You Love Me

You let me know you love me
In so many different ways.
You make me feel important
With encouragement and praise.

You're always there when I need you
To comfort and to care.
I know I'm in your thoughts;
Your love follows me everywhere.

Thank you for all you've done
And given so generously.
I love you, my wonderful mother;
You're a heaven-sent blessing to me.

Love Emmaxx

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