Sunday, April 22

Jenn Johnson

Hello my friends. I know that not all of you believe the same stuff that I do but I wanted to post this link today because I found Jenn full of fantastic encouragement and wisdom. Great your cuppa and plant yourself here for a while and listen to her...She rocks!!!!

Hope you loved it as much as I did!!!

Friday, April 20

wet weather madness

The rain fell and fell and fell!! Until I think the clouds ran out of rain~~!!!

This week was full on indoor fun. Considering it was school holidays, it was a real challenge!!
The first sunny day that came my way, I packed up the kids and went on one of those 'adventures' that our family do so well!

My middle child suggested that we go and find a 'lighthouse'. Perfect I we go.

A short drive later, we were loving life at the beach. It was such a great day to get out and small the fresh breeze.

Here are a few pictures of our latest crazy adventure....

my hubby and Jules ..( the one who had the great idea!)
These two are peas in a pod!
Mummy and Daughter
The family

These boys rock my world!!!Love em...

Wednesday, April 18

i'm still eating Cinnamon pancakes..a week later!!!

I have been so busy eating cinnamon pancakes that I have forgotten to blog!!!

Ok so it is a grey day!!! We might as well dress like the weather!!! Here is another outfit that I love from one of my Pinterest followers....

Pinned Image

I really don't have muct to write about today. I have managed to stay at home all day and watch the rain trickle down the windows. It reminds me of all the jobs I need to finish....once the rain stops!!!! Like clean the gutters!!! lol

I guess I can post about my last few days and include some of my instagram collages. I actually love creating these. I have been banned from taking my Iphone to bed!!! hahahhaah I really need to stop playing Drawsome, Scrabble, Instagram, Facebook and stalking blogs!!!

too cute eh?

Late night cookie baking session with the family!!!
A run in the park through tthe sprinkler

Fish and chips on a Sunday at Terrigal Haven

My Harry found his favourite Easter egg in the shops!! It was actually real and weighs 3.8 kg and costs $185

A craft session with the neighbours on the kitchen bench

My favourite Instagram post for the week!!

Wednesday, April 11

cinnamon pancake

OMGEEE!!! I woke up to a text from my neighbour who beckoned me to come over "STRAIGHT AWAY". Of course I went in my pj's and rushed up expecting some kind of emergency or a child severely in trouble!!

But no. What awaited me was out of this world!!! I have never experienced anything like it!!! Found on the trusty Pinterest was my all time favourite food!


They were so good!!! You just have to try it!! Make sure you make a double batch because one just won't be enough for the family!!

Pinned Image
Pinned Image

source: Recipe Girl

Tuesday, April 10

a bike ride anyone?

Today was a great day to get outdoors and enjoy the sun amd wind!!! My little treasures went to preschool while Harry and I had some quality time. The day was his to spend as he wanted! The first thing on the agenda  was a bike ride with mum!

I am usually putting my hand up to babysit the little ones while my husband and Harry ride! But today Harry wanted his Mum to enjoy the experience!

I seriously need more cardio workouts!! My little boy had to wait for his mum!!! hahhaha He even suggested to carry the back pack so it would be easier for me!!??!! Gotta love him!!!

I do feel better for the experience and I felt that I worked off a little chocolate!!

Until next time..!!!
I think I'm going to have a little lie down!! lol

Sunday, April 8

a weekend to remember

Happy Easter Everyone!! Today is the day that our awesome Jesus shocked and rocked the world by rising from the dead!!! The story is truley amazing and if your not familiar with it have a read in your Bible (or google it!! lol). I feel so loved and blessed when I really get my head around  what He has done for me!

Today was such a great day. We woke up to yummy Easter eggs and plenty of smiles! My darling husband redeemed himself from not getting me a chocolate egg by making me breakfast! It was pretty sweet!!!

Pinned Image

We trotted off to church and returned home to a yummy lunch prepared by my one and only!! Salmon, potato stack and salad...totally gourmet! He really can cook. He doesn't want to do to much as he might find he has a new job around the house!
Pinned Image

The day allowed me to fit in a nana nap

Pinned Image
(this is not me....i couldn't post a photo of me sleeping for two reasons..1. hard to take a picture while you are sleeping and 2. i don't look like this lady. I have messy hair, mascara that has moved to 'under' my eyes instead of ontop and a drool patch on the pillow!!)

We finished off with a little get together with the neighbours for dinner.
This Easter had been so lovely getting together with the family and just enjoying the place in which we live.

I'll get a little personal and post some pictures of us hanging out.....

 B1 and B2 at the beach

 Their favourite past time is to collect amazing treasures from the rocks...
 My instagram collage
 Me in the shadows!!!

 my husband can be very romantic..
 Father like son....I just couldn't quite read his special message!! lol
I just love our local beach!!!

I have lots to share but it will be for another day!! Bye bye
Enjoy your public holiday!!!!

Thursday, April 5

egg cellent!!

Easter Weekend is here!!! no work just lots of time to relax with the family and remind ourselves about what this holiday is all about.

I think people (in general) tend to freak out that Easter has become such a commercial holiday full with chocolate, bunnies, baskets and hot cross buns! They whinge because the "true" meaning of Easter is lost!

Ok so here is my rant to those people......

The true meaning of Easter is only lost if we don't teach our children and others around us about why we celebrate this special weekend. I see it as a fantastic opportunity to speak to others about Jesus and what He has done for us.

Unfortunately the people with this information are too busy whinging and whining about how there are too many eggs on the shelves, hot cross buns were on sale too early and how the easter bunny is here to take over our lives!!!! Really people?!! Wake up!!

My children are very well aware about the true meaning of Easter. We understand that Jesus died on the cross and came alive on Easter Sunday. We give eggs as a symbol of new life. I don't buy chocolate bunnies out of principle but eat my fair share of purple wrapped mini eggs! Sure the kids enjoy the easter bunny, they eat hot cross buns many weeks early but they are able to tell you why the buns have a cross on them. It's about educating them, talking to them and spreading the Good News of Jesus.

Stop being negative about it and use it as an opportuntiy to teach your children and others around you what it is really all about.

These eggs are what I use to teach the kids about Easter. They are great!! Each day you open an egg to reveal a little clue that helps you tell the story of Jesus! Love em!!

So enough of my rant. Sorry people that just flowed like a water fall after a little incident at the shops. I felt it wasn't right to verbally attack the person, so i came home to type my thoughts!!! Gotta a love a  rarely argues back!!! lol

So here are a few Easter ideas for you to par take in over the next few days...Enjoy!!! 



Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Have a Happy and Safe Easter Break!!

Wednesday, April 4

loving the hair

I'm always looking for a "new do". This one is amazing but I don't think I'll be getting up 1 hour earlier to make it happen!!! I really need to get a personal hairdresser...

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Pinned Image

sexy hair

Pinned Image
Golden Blonde Hair
Pinned Image

These pictures are from my Pinterest board called Hairlicious!!!

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