Tuesday, July 24

Bedroom Makeover

I promised to post a little more regularly so just before my head hits the pillow I will ensure I post something....anything!!! lol

So I begin with this picture....my dining room table. I decided after numerous episodes of "The Block" that it is time to renovate the kids bedroom. My hubby looked at me and said "Honey do you really understand what a big task that is?" Sure I do.

I've seen it on TV. One hour episode then the room reveal!!! HAHAHHAHAHA
My husband just shook his head and walked away!

The fact is that it was time to mix it up a bit. My eldest needed his own room which left my youngest two to share. Not ideal circumstances but when you get lemons...make lemonade!!!!

I used my blog stalking skills to research exactly what I wanted! I was a little depressed to find that most 'shared' rooms where bigger than my lounge room!! So what is a girl to do? Head off to Ikea!!! The kings of storage ideas, trendy looks all in a shoe box sized room!!!

My husband and I took off one Saturday afternoon to be plesantly suprised that it was open till 7 pm. No need to rush!!! Just enjoy !!! I can see my husbands face sink....it was going to be a long night!

We found cheap and affordable beds, shelves and doona covers. It was so exciting I could hardly breathe! We also left the kids home as Ikea and my kids don't mix. We also needed the car space to lug everything home. Thanks Nanny and Grandad for the free babysitting!!! Did I mention how blessed I am to have in -laws and parents so close?

So the short story is...it didn't take only one hour to renovate a room. We couldn't even manage it in one week!!!! My house looked like this for 2 WEEKS!! We couldn't see the table, Ruby slept on a mattress next to us and the others had a small PJ party each night as they lived up their last moments together. 

Enough to do my head in!!!

reminding myself ..all for the greater cause!!! Can you see the boys playing 'shops' on the heater? Not safe I'm sure but at least it wasn't on!!!!

I think Ruby still managed to find a quiet place to put her feet up

So I decide to chill, relax and focus on the bigger picture in sight. This will end. I did keep thinking the whole time..."How do people do a whole house?" I though one room was a challenge!!!

So I put Hubby to work. Well actually...I really would have done it myself but he has one of those annoying yet handy attitudes of .."No one can do it as well as me". So lets choose our battles and this is not one!!! A clever wife agrees and lets him go!!!!

Yep I stood back and snapped the pictures.
He was such a machine!!!

So I guess you want the big reveal?

Insert add here and a trailer to watch next week!!!! hahahaha
I won't make you wait until then but maybe one night!!! lol

Stay Tunned... 


  1. oh I agree! I have sworn to NEVER EVER take kids to Ikea again. Looking forward to the end result.

    1. aww thanks for the comment my sweet friend!!!! Yes I really do enjoy Ikea much better without them!! We had a hot date!! I feel so old to say that!!! My date is to Ikea!!! oh well...it is a season!!!


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