Wednesday, March 6

Find the time

Today I really want to embrace this!!!

I don't want to be so busy that I forget to do these simple things!!!
Life is not a dress rehersal....I plan to do one of these each day for the rest of the week!!!
Wish me luck!!!

Monday, March 4

Sunday, March 3

A New Day

Yep I did this the other day! I believe it is called 'exercise'!!
We have such a love hate relationship!!
I really feel so great after it but can't understand why I don't make this a priority for myself?
I live in the best place in the world...beaches, bush walks, lakes, name it I could probably get there!!! So why don't I explore them more?

I can not give an answer. I guess to be honest, I just don't want it enough!!!
So my beautiful friend and I went on a walk to our local beach. It was AMAZING and I felt great!!
My new years resolution is to MOVE! Yes I know it is February but hey whatever!!

P.S. the hill on the right was a killer!!!!

Saturday, March 2

drooling an a rainy day

Missing my posts of beautiful places to be. Here are some to wet your appetite...

House of Turquoise you never disappoint me!!!! Loving it and missing time staring at these wonderful rooms!!!!

Friday, March 1

Ruby I Love YOu!!

My baby turns 4!!! Where did the time go? All I can say is hold on to each moment and live it well!! I am so glad that I started this blog and during those nostalgic times I find myself flicking through my own blog laughing and smiling at all the wonderful memories!! I love it!! I can't wait to the kids get old enough to read and appreciate it too!! I'm sure there will be a few .."Why did you say that Mum!!!??" or "I can't believe you posted that!!" before the "Thanks Mum, this is really greeat!!!

Until then I will keep posting life's events!!

Here are a few pictures of my baby..

 Love you to the moon and back Sweetheart!!!
 My sad attempt at the request of a "Mermaid" cake!!! Thank goodness for Mermaid Barbie who saved my bacon!!
 Don't forget to bake at 11pm after a party for the friends at preschool!!! The things we do...I can almost see the look on my Mum's face of ....I've been there, done that!!!!  Funny how at 35 I only just start to appreciate all that she did!!!
 Ruby's new game...Stacking cups and banging them to the beat!!! WTF?

Her new nail polish that she got as a pressie!!! Um.. not sure if she will ever stop painting my nails!!! She did this while I watched MKR (for the people who have lived on the moon for the past few weeks that stands for  "My Kitchen Rules" best show ever!!!)

Happy Birthday!!!!

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