Saturday, February 4

Casting Crowns

Now I'm a big fan.
Who? I hear you ask.

A fantastic band who just sing the most amazing songs and a lead singer who has an amazing voice! I was lucky enough to score a couple of VIP tickets to see them in Sydney in January. I was so excited to go on a date with my hubby to a concert! Just like the olden days!! hahahha

Their new album is called The Well

they look like this

and we got to meet them and they looked like this...

 We had to wait in line so I played with my iphone for a bit...

umm whos is the hotty?

ok I'll stop now

So then we sat inside and managed to be in the second row!! I could se EVERYTHING!! Loved it!!!
All it looked like this...

Awesome night...but hey... we don't get out much!!!!

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