Friday, March 30

flowers for you

Nothing much to say today except I'm dead tired!!!!! I just wanted to thankyou for following me!!
Enjoy your weekend!!!

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Wednesday, March 28

more dream homes

I really am obsessed with posting photos that have an awesome warm, inviting feel to them! I guess you could say that I'm addicted. Sorry if it bores you but when I flick back on my blog over the past few months..I love to see them!!!

I call them my little inspiration pages!!!

All these images are from my absolute all time fav Blog....

Monday, March 26

gush oooh aahh

What is it with these amazing houses in the U.S. that blow my mind!

If someone gave me a piece of paper to design my dream home I would definately use these pictures as a base!!! I love the textures and materials that make these homes scream "LIVE IN ME!!!!"

Happy blog stalking !!!

Sunday, March 25


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 Gumboots!! It's the weather and getting out there in the early morning for soccer or football...calls for these beauties.

 I went online looking for the most trendy and classy boot I could find. The rage girls, is the "Hunter" gumboot.

At $199 a pair I decided to head down to my local Big W and pick up a snazzy pair for $20!! A steal I reckon!! I bought some for the whole family!!! But it doesn't hurt to check out these pictures of beautiful boots.... 

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those pesky Hunter boots just look so good!!!

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so good that you could get away with it on your wedding day!!! hahaha

Saturday, March 24

what to wear in Autumn

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I'm loving pinterest and these layouts of inspiration!!! I love the casual feel to these outfits, as a busy mum I can see me working it!!! lol

Not much to report today. I'm busy entertaining my kids and the neighbours!!! We so far have made goop and totally trashed my kitchen with art and craft activities!!! All is good!! Photos will come soon!!!

Move over Jacki O

Yep It's Saturday!!! I love Saturday's because I usually get to do this....

 But not today!! I have been expanding my knowledge in all things radio. I went to a course that helps me to refine my skills as an announcer and had a blast! I think it was the fact that I was doing this all for me. Not for the kids, someone else or and family member.

Today was about learning something new. I don't think I've done a professional course since Uni! But it was awesome to feel that adrenalin rush as I had to speak in front of a group as they critique my abilities. Scary but great!
So look out !!! I'm starting a new day on Radio with my partner in crime Hamish! We are on Wednesdays and Fridays!
The only thing that I'm sad about is not getting enough time to blog! Between rushing around after three children, a husband, work, radio, house chores, Kids Church leading and cooking, I'm left with nothing to give to you!! My blog friends!!! I'm so sorry!!!

My blog will continue and i will try and post at least twice a week for the moment until a manage my schedule a little better!! I'll still dump my iphone pictures for all to keep up with the family. They grow so fast I want to ensure that all my favourite pictures are posted for years to come.

I have to leave it there as I must take a child to a birthday party (he has a better social life than me!)

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Just a few words that inspired me to step out and do something different!

Love stacks

Tuesday, March 20

where have I been?

Hi everybody!!! I've been away at a fantastic conference which I promised to share more about. Unfortunately it is late and I'm soooo tired!!! So I will have to keep you hanging until next time!!

I'm actually doing some research for my radio gig on Fridays! My wonderful friend 'Salsa' and I will be interviewing Jamie Malcolm! Who? I hear you ask. Well he is actually Kerri -anne's side kick for many years!! These pictures might jog your memory....

He is a really funny guy and many many not know that he is actually a Pastor and speaker. He has been given the opportunity to interview some amazing people over the past decade and hopefully he will be able to share some crazy stories with us!! 

So tune in to Rhema 94.9 at 4pm on Friday.....

 So I will leave you with some pictures that make me feel good!! lol

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Wednesday, March 14

yep I'm off to a conference this weekend!! Can't wait ...more about that later! I don't have any deep thoughts to share so I'll post some pretty pictures LOOOVE IT!!!

I really could live here!!!!! I'm so entranced at this amazing house!!!! LOVe it!!!

I'm leaving the kidlets and taking off....Daddy is in charge. I haven't left any particular instructions just have them breathing when I get home!!!!

Monday, March 12

get inspired...

I went on the traditional blog stalk today and found a new one!! I love when I discover someone that inspires me in the home decorating department. I searched this lovely mummas page to find a little bit about her and the family. I particularly love her view on home decorating. Simply put ...just do it!!!

Enjoy the read....

A little bit of our philosophy: 
Let me start by saying, last year I turned the big 3-0. And I’ve embraced it. I think I may even be going through a bit of a rebellious stage. {I know, right? Cue the gasps} You see, I’ve always been a people pleaser. Not only that, let’s add southern to the mix and we can up the ante to about five times the normal potent strength of people pleasing potential. I’m the one who never said no, the doormat who was angry after the fact, and the oldest child who tried to make everyone happy. I was exhausted.
But this isn’t a counseling session, and my point: I realized those attributes extended to every area of my life. Including the choices I made when decorating our home. I was limiting myself, and I wasn’t brave enough to simply go for it. I wasn’t even really sure what to go for. {tiny violin} As I’ve grown, I’ve achieved the most delightful results: I no longer worry anymore about things I wish I could do. I simply start doing them. I’m no longer inhibited by what-if-the-new-owner-of-my-home-doesn’t-like-this-itis or the acute my-sister-in-law-won’t-approve-syndrome. And as a result, I’ve never been happier.
I’ve learned to be passionate about what I really love, and by embracing it, I pursue it. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t just make up my mind one day. It’s been a slow process of training myself to think differently. Much of that has to do with the fact that I finally know who I am as a person, and a designer.
I have a new motto :
In turning this page for myself, I’ve seen a lot of this same syndrome in the people I help with their own homes. There are millions upon millions of people out there, simply paralyzed with doubt, fear, and unnecessary questions. Stuck in design limbo because they doubt themselves. It’s like we all need someone to tell us it really is all going to be amazing.
What if that someone was yourself?
As a result of conquering my own personal demons, here are three of the main guidelines that I stick to for my own spaces, and for helping others design theirs.
1. Follow your instincts.
Some of you are all, “Yeah. Well, duh.” But did you hear me? I said your instincts. Not anyone elses. For instance: your mom’s. Mom’s opinions are great. Until they start telling you what you can or cannot do with that piece of furniture she GAVE you from 1985. It’s composed of laminate and that looks like it fell off the back of a bean truck, but would look incredible, mind you, with a fresh coat of white paint. Only she forbade you to paint it. Why? Because she’s your mom and that’s what she does. Only this isn’t 1985. You are an adult. Listen to yourself. Do what you love. Or else you’ll never enjoy a cohesive, beautiful home created by you. {Obligatory disclaimer: my mom is actually very supportive of my painting ventures, and not everything needs to be painted. But I hear this a little too much from clients.}
I’m still undoing some of my I-bought-this-when-we-were-first-married-because-this-is-what-you’re-supposed-to-do, outright mistakes. We get so caught up in the projected ideals of others, that we forget the practical. In that process, we sacrifice what WE love. We should never have to sacrifice that in our own homes.
My husband and I woke up one morning, and decided we wanted to build a wall for our back porch, to turn it into an additional room. So we saved, and built. At the last moment, I also decided I wanted stripes on the planks of my walls. I listened to my instincts, and I went for it. And we love that room. Not my mom. Not my mother in law. Us. We do.
2. If you don’t like it, change it.
It’s really great that you spent 1200 dollars each on those dark bachelor club sofas circa 2007. {I may or may not be throwing up a little in my mouth as I refer to myself} Now that you’ve come into your own taste, and you’ve decided it’s not for you, what should you do? Sell them. Then use those funds to buy what you really want. Be savvy and resourceful and smart with your moolah, and do what you feel passionate about to create a home you love. After all, aren’t those couches considered value-less if you don’t love them anyway?

We moved into a brand new cookie cutter home circa fall 2007 and it had a cookie cutter kitchen. Some people would be perfectly happy with that kitchen. Nothing was wrong with it, except the fact that I hated it. I’m not an ingrate, so it took me two years of ideas, and an entire additional year of fear to get over it, and paint that kitchen. Yep. That’s three years of listening to unimportant nonsense before I dipped the brush and took the dive.

What was I worried about? The future owners of our home. What if someone didn’t purchase it because they didn’t like it? What if painting our cabinets “de-valued” our house? {cue hyperventilation}
And then I started thinking, what if I died, and never got another kitchen? What if the end of the world was just around the corner and I left with kitchen regrets? It sounds dramatic, but we aren’t really guaranteed tomorrow. Death trumps future buyers, and I would like to know that I enjoyed myself with my family while I had it, my last ever kitchen. My only regret: not doing it three years sooner. If anything, it makes our house a real home, just for us.

It was about a week after that, before I tackled the laundry room, and thus began the domino effect of changing over what I always felt kinda “meh” about. I’m in the process of doing three rooms, now. It’s a lot of work, and thinking, and projects and chaos, but in the end, its all worth it.

Now I’m on a mission, and we’ve never been happier in our home.

3. Make it.

If you can’t afford it, if you can’t find it because you saw it in some hoity toity fancy shmancy article… make it. Even if you can afford it, make it. Sometimes out of imitation arise the best creations. If you don’t have the capabilities of making it, be resourceful and savvy to go for what you want. I found a welder to make our coffee table. And an upholsterer to redo a stellar Duncan Phyfe. If you don’t have the funds to hire out, you have your mad skillz. Trade, beg, and borrow. If it’s something you feel passionate about, you can find a way to make it happen. Whether its curtains sewn for the perfect space, a handmade coffee table, or that piece of forgotten furniture instantly spruced with a fresh coat of paint…

Just go for it.

With the handmade option, unique details which truly make a house a home are created and in turn, a beautiful abode for your family. Gone are the days of to-the-trade only. With books like undecorate, blogs like Ana White, and never ending inspiration at the touch of a finger, people are thinking outside the Pottery Barn box. It’s a handmade revolution, and it only continues to grow. If we want a truly unique home, its a wonderful option to embrace.
To read more about our approach to home life + design… click away! Also, be sure to check out our entire FAQ’s page, here. 
Those are three basic guidelines that I find myself sticking to daily, and reminding others that “the rules” circa 1993 no longer apply to their spaces. Forget your inhibitions, and do what you love in your own home. Be a rebel and don’t worry…because it really is all going to be amazing.
Go for it.

You can find out more about The Handmade Home here

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