Saturday, March 24

Move over Jacki O

Yep It's Saturday!!! I love Saturday's because I usually get to do this....

 But not today!! I have been expanding my knowledge in all things radio. I went to a course that helps me to refine my skills as an announcer and had a blast! I think it was the fact that I was doing this all for me. Not for the kids, someone else or and family member.

Today was about learning something new. I don't think I've done a professional course since Uni! But it was awesome to feel that adrenalin rush as I had to speak in front of a group as they critique my abilities. Scary but great!
So look out !!! I'm starting a new day on Radio with my partner in crime Hamish! We are on Wednesdays and Fridays!
The only thing that I'm sad about is not getting enough time to blog! Between rushing around after three children, a husband, work, radio, house chores, Kids Church leading and cooking, I'm left with nothing to give to you!! My blog friends!!! I'm so sorry!!!

My blog will continue and i will try and post at least twice a week for the moment until a manage my schedule a little better!! I'll still dump my iphone pictures for all to keep up with the family. They grow so fast I want to ensure that all my favourite pictures are posted for years to come.

I have to leave it there as I must take a child to a birthday party (he has a better social life than me!)

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Just a few words that inspired me to step out and do something different!

Love stacks

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