Tuesday, March 20

where have I been?

Hi everybody!!! I've been away at a fantastic conference which I promised to share more about. Unfortunately it is late and I'm soooo tired!!! So I will have to keep you hanging until next time!!

I'm actually doing some research for my radio gig on Fridays! My wonderful friend 'Salsa' and I will be interviewing Jamie Malcolm! Who? I hear you ask. Well he is actually Kerri -anne's side kick for many years!! These pictures might jog your memory....

He is a really funny guy and many many not know that he is actually a Pastor and speaker. He has been given the opportunity to interview some amazing people over the past decade and hopefully he will be able to share some crazy stories with us!! 

So tune in to Rhema 94.9 at 4pm on Friday.....

 So I will leave you with some pictures that make me feel good!! lol

Pinned ImageYes He does.

Pinned Image

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