Saturday, March 3

Julie Goodwin's coming to town

I have been MIA the last week! The truth is that I've been recovering from the past week of birthdays to hospital visits to working and being generally a busy mummy!

It wouldn't be right not to post the pictures of my little boys trip to hospital. As I posted before, he had a fall on the bike and fractured his front tooth. So off to hospital for a removal!!! yes I sobbed, I can candidly talk about it now but it felt devasted at the time!!

the car trip was exciting...all the way to Sydney!!!

he looked so brave in the big bed!!!

being a brave tiger!!!
"Actually" he said " I'm a little nervous". How sweet!

a cuddle from mummy after the ordeal always helps to make you feel better!!

So that was last week. To tell you the truth I've been just relaxing and leaving the house work to pile up! I'm  trying to go to bed earlier, sleep better, eat better and look after myself a little more. I'm realising that I need to just to keep up with the gang!!

I say that I've been relaxing and cast my memory to the past week. What a joke!!! I've had work, swimming carnivals, dinners out with family, staff meetings, football practice, cricket practice, swimming squad, dinners to cook and my new adventure.....a radio spot or two!!!! hahahaha Yes you read it here first....I'm on the radio!!!

I actually laugh about this a bit because I find it exciting and a new challenge in my life. It is something that I'm doing just for me at the moment (hence the whole inward facing, all about me season that I'm having). I love it. It's fun, it's talking (which I can do under water) and I'm learning something new. I'm actually interviewing the Master Chef Champion Julie Goodwin next week with my partner in crime Salsa (Hamish)! Hamish is the professional and I'm tagging along for the ride.

It is a community radio station here on the Central Coast. I encourage you to tune in on a Friday 4pm - 6pm. Rhema 94.9 . We have alot of fun, we don't solve the worlds problems but have a laugh and have lots of special/suprise guests!

I like to research my subjects and my little friend has a blog!! She has recipes and she is funny!!!! Here is a little paragraph or two I found.....

I was asked to come into the Today show this morning, even though I am normally on Tuesdays, because a very special guest was going to be on the show.

Pat Farmer ran nearly 21,000km – two full marathons every day, with no days off, for ten months – and arrived home yesterday.  Reunited now with his two beautiful teenaged children,  Pat ran to raise awareness and funds for the excellent work of Red Cross.

Not many people know this, but I am a runner myself.  I run out of petrol, I run late, I run into friends, my mascara runs and sometimes I even have the runs.  But despite my obvious dedication to running, I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to run. Two. Marathons. A day. For TEN MONTHS!  The mental strength, the dedication to the dream, the vision, the philanthropic spirit…I am in awe of Pat’s achievement.

Now he’s home, and he wants a lamb pie.  And by God, the man is going to get a lamb pie.  The recipe’s below, with step-by-step pics.

So there is the catch up this week. Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!Don't forget to tune in on Friday 4pm - 6pm

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