Friday, April 29

English Kitchen

While the world waits in anticipation for the "Royal Wedding" to commence, I have returned to my first love. Sticky beaking at other blogs and dreaming of lovely kitchen designs. I haven't blogged my favourite pictures for such a long time. I thought it was beginning to be ALL about my crazy family!!!

So today as I sip my cuppa I click onto a lovely blog by  Rie at Home and Harmony, I am inspired by her awesome pictures. Today because of the royal focus, the pictures are of "English" kitchens. I want one!!! Any!!! I'm not piccky!!!!  







 For more  lovely pictures click here ...Plain English

Hope you have a great night watching the wedding!!!!

Wednesday, April 27

Sun where are you?

I'm praying for the sun to greet me tomorrow! I love to feel the warmth on my skin, to hear the birds sing and to watch the white clouds float by...

Who am I kidding? Do you know how much washing I have? Do you have any idea about how many washing baskets filled with stinky clothes I have to catch up on?

Just Pleeeeease come out so I can go back to being the amazing domestic babe that I am !! hahahahaha

Tuesday, April 26

I'm not alone

I'm so excited to find a fellow blogger with a cherub like me!!!!! Partners in crime!!!

Kelle has a fantasitc blog which I encourage you to read. It's called Enjoying the Small Things. She is a mum who has two girls and her youngest has special needs. It is an inspiring blog and she take the most amazing pictures of her babies. Her youngest daughter Nella is stunning!!! I love looking at her latest posts. Enjoy!!


While all my fellow bloggers were posting their annual Easter wishes, I sit here with nothing more to write about than a little cherub called "Ruby"

You see I haven't learnt yet that when a two year old becomes quiet around the house, this usually = UP TO NO GOOD. And yes I'm slow and should have learnt this lesson many moons ago!

So after a few minutes of silence, I arise to begin the search for my precious baby girl. It didn't take long to find her in her bedroom. The chest of drawers looked like this....

can you see the  .."oh I've been caught look"

the whimper turns into a cry as if I was in the wrong to say the dreaded "NOOOOOOOOO"

It became louder so I just had to take a few more pictures.
(I just saw my handbag in the background as I upload these pictures. It calms my soul to know that it could have been worse!!!)

So as I scan the room quickly to see what else has been subjected to the Sudocream, I find this.....

this is straight out of a horror movie!!!

I don't think those beautiful eyes will open and close so well anymore....

a brother's disapproving look. I couldn't of said it better!! He definately takes the Dad role when one is not around!

So what do I do? Where do I start? A bath for Ruby and a quick Google to find out how to remove Sudocream from carpet. Let me tell you....the news wasn't promising. All the sites told that it was almost impossible to remove!! One lovely lady suggested to move the furniture around to cover it or maybe a rug!!! WHAT!!!

So I am appealing to all domestic goddesses out in cyber space. If you have an idea on how to remove it...drop me a comment! I'd REALLY love to hear from you!!!

I hope you had a safe and happy Easter xx

I'm told I'll look back and laugh at this one day...!! lol

Thursday, April 21


Edge Brownie Pan

I am a brownie maker!! Haha and when I saw this I just had to get one!! I saw it in the Woolworths Good Taste Magazine and think it is the best invention since sliced bread! Seriously!! Every piece gets that awesome edge!!

Can't talk I'm off to bake brownies!!!

Thought for today....

I feel blessed to be loved.
Simple as that.

Happy Easter my friends. Take care and may it be filled with fun, laughter, friends and an understanding of what it's really all about.
Love Emma x

Monday, April 18


as i was typing my last post early in the morning a little girl woke up and began to play behind my chair. She was quiet so I didn't really need to pay much attention to her. I was so busy typing before the rest of the family woke up.

Anyway after my posts about loving family and how they make me laugh, I turned around to find Miss Ruby Belle doing this.......

Monkey see...monkey do!!hahahahahah

Nel I thought you'd love this!!!! I laughing so hard my sides hurt!!!

Love your man day.....

ok so I can't stop writing about how much I love my family. I promise I will stop soon but not before I blab to the world about my husband. I posted last night and began to think how I said I love my family but didn't really mention the man in my life!! Sorry honey!!

He loves to be the mystery man in cyber space, he dosen't think facebook is a good idea, pictures should not be posted of him and for the life of him, can't work out why I would want to write a blog and tell the world about my life. "Who wants to read it?" is a constantly asked question whispered over my shoulder as I type!

So as he sleeps this early morning, I am typing like mad before everyone gets up. Sorry sweetie, the world is going to hear how much I love you!!!

This weekend he excelled. He mowed the lawn and made it look amazing!! Fresh cut grass is a wonderful smell!.

 a hat for sun safety is him!

after 7 months with a broken leg...this was an achievement!!!

He went to the shops and bought home this...

Bella I love you

and the latest House and Garden..what more could a girl want?

I often find these two having a snuggle on the couch

I think he is watching Playschool!!

he loves the outdoors with his kids...

they really can't stop doing this...should I be jealous of my daughter?

he teaches Harry all he knows about posing for cameras!

loves to have a laugh

is absolutely HOT! (sorry darling! He will kill me!)

helped to create the most amazing kids!!!!

loves me...

and I love him...

I love doing life with him and wouldn't change a thing! (maybe just a few small domestic tasks that I could teach him!!) You rock Honey!!!!

Sunday, April 17


Families are such wonderful blessings and I am TOTALLY in love with mine! They make me laugh and giggle EVERYDAY. We sneak a kiss or two, snuggle at night and they continue to amaze me with their sense of humour. I often think how dull my life was before I had my treasures!

Now let me even things up.....Life is not always perfect and these special treasure can turn on my husband and I at a moments notice! Giggles turn to cries, sharing and loving turns to pushing and shoving. The whispers of  "I love you Mum", flip to - "You never let me do anything and I wish I had another Mum" (thanks Harry, I love you too!) 

The thing that keeps me going is this...... that they are a gift. On loan to me for such a short time. I believe my purpose is to train them, teach them, show them unconditional love, demonstrate compassion & empathy towards others and teach them about their awesome creator. I have a job to do. I job that I love and feel blessed to have. Like all jobs there are ups and downs. They lighten my day and make the dark times seem bright. A child's laughter & smile can melt away the worries of the world!

I know I getting deep but I wanted to encourage you in the times when you basically want to 'kill' your kids. I don't mean that literally but you know what I'm talking about. Those days when you never seem to get enough me time, they fight ALL day, cry ALL day, want something EVERY TIME you just sit down or tell you that your the worst mum ever.

Chin up are awesome. Hang in there and just keep loving them!! Here are a few reasons why I love my family......

I know sticks are bad but they were having fun in the backyard. I can hear my mum say..."It''s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!!" I'm celebrating the fact that they are actually playing together and there are no tears...yet!

crazy eyes always get a laugh at the dinner table

I heard the Teletubbies were making a come back! hahhaha. No seriously these are a lifesaver. No more cold feet and legs at night and a good night sleep for the WHOLE family!! A must for winter I say.

Easter Hat parade. The preparation was intense...glue guns, feathers, eggs, tissue paper, burns to the fingers but all worht it! Important to get the bowl of cereal into you before you march around the school. Lets hope the look on his face turns to a smile....actually this was the face when I told him he would have to wear it infront of the whole school. "really" he said.

what is a parade with out little sister joining in a making a hat?

little brother just wanted a bouncy head band...a reason to smile.

Only a face a mum could love. I do. I want to squish that face up and plant a big kiss on it!

Have a great week....
Love Emma xx

Thursday, April 14


Congratulations Sammy and Bella. I'm ones of those sad people who religiously watched each episode and became quite close to my friends Sammy and Bella. I talked to my husband about them, watched and learnt from their cooking skills and basically we are BFF 's now! lol

Sammy and Bella's Blog here

I can't believe how sucked into a TV program I can become! I watched as they dished out scores in french accents and giggled at the Italian mummas. I want to go to their house!! I reckon my best friend and the two of them would get on like a house on fire!!!

So it made me begin to think of how much time I waste sitting on my back side? What could I achieve if I turned off the TV? Maybe a few more blog posts? A decorating project, an encouragement card to a friend? More home cooked meals for the family?

What does TV stop you from doing? I am on a mission to reduce my TV time and begin to start the jobs I've been meaning to get to. Maybe I'll start with the 3 loads of washing that need to be folded!!!!

Love Emma xx

Tuesday, April 5

A time to.....

Have you ever thought that there just isn't enough time in the day?
You have so much to do and the priorities often get shifted around just to get through the day?

Well I must confess that I do suffer from this from time to time. I have ideals about how I must be as a mum but often my expectations just don't meet up! The crazy thing is that I put these expectations on myself! Maybe I read and see too much about the "perfect" mum and wife in magazines or on TV.  God led me to this verse that was such an eye opener, I just had to share it with you!!

Today as I quietly read Ecclesiastes 3:1 it settled my heart. In case your not familiar with the scripture it goes a little like this....

For everything there is a season,
a time to be born and a time to die.

A time to plant and a time to harvest.

A time to kill and a time to heal.

A time to tear down and a time to re build.

A time a cry and a time to laugh.

A time to grieve and a time to dance.

A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.

A time to embrace and a time to turn away.

A time to search and a time to quit searching.

A time to tear and a time to mend.

A time to be quiet and a time to speak.

A time to love and a time to hate.

A time for war and a time for peace.

What do people really get for all their hard work? I have seen the burden God has placed on us all.
Yet God has made everything beautiful for it's own time.

I love this scripture so much and as I began to read some short stories in another book I stumbled across Mandy Smith's version of this scripture. It spoke so much to me that I had to share it! God speaks to us in awesome ways and we just have to open our ears to hear.

There's a time to do the dishes and a time to leave them in the sink.

There's a time to save Grandma's lace table cloth for Christmas dinner and a time to use it for breakfast on Tueday morning.

There's a time to say" Don't bother me now, I'm busy" and a time to drop everthing to roll around the floor with your kids, Dance around the living room with your husband or stop for a cuppa with a friend.

There's a time to race out late at night to return the DVD and  a time to stay at home with your family and pay the late fee.

There's a time to nag your husband about wasting film and a time to let him snap as many photos as he wants of his little girl in her first ballet costume.

There's a time to say " Save those for the guests" and a time to your your husband take the best biscuit from the batch.

There's a time to say, "Don't spill that on the couch!" and a time to let your son make a fort with the couch cushions.

God has made eveything beautiful in its time.

I hope this encourages you today. Remember to enjoy each and everyday that we are given with our awesome families...

Take care.. Emmaxx

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