Tuesday, April 26


While all my fellow bloggers were posting their annual Easter wishes, I sit here with nothing more to write about than a little cherub called "Ruby"

You see I haven't learnt yet that when a two year old becomes quiet around the house, this usually = UP TO NO GOOD. And yes I'm slow and should have learnt this lesson many moons ago!

So after a few minutes of silence, I arise to begin the search for my precious baby girl. It didn't take long to find her in her bedroom. The chest of drawers looked like this....

can you see the  .."oh I've been caught look"

the whimper turns into a cry as if I was in the wrong to say the dreaded "NOOOOOOOOO"

It became louder so I just had to take a few more pictures.
(I just saw my handbag in the background as I upload these pictures. It calms my soul to know that it could have been worse!!!)

So as I scan the room quickly to see what else has been subjected to the Sudocream, I find this.....

this is straight out of a horror movie!!!

I don't think those beautiful eyes will open and close so well anymore....

a brother's disapproving look. I couldn't of said it better!! He definately takes the Dad role when one is not around!

So what do I do? Where do I start? A bath for Ruby and a quick Google to find out how to remove Sudocream from carpet. Let me tell you....the news wasn't promising. All the sites told that it was almost impossible to remove!! One lovely lady suggested to move the furniture around to cover it or maybe a rug!!! WHAT!!!

So I am appealing to all domestic goddesses out in cyber space. If you have an idea on how to remove it...drop me a comment! I'd REALLY love to hear from you!!!

I hope you had a safe and happy Easter xx

I'm told I'll look back and laugh at this one day...!! lol

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