Thursday, April 14


Congratulations Sammy and Bella. I'm ones of those sad people who religiously watched each episode and became quite close to my friends Sammy and Bella. I talked to my husband about them, watched and learnt from their cooking skills and basically we are BFF 's now! lol

Sammy and Bella's Blog here

I can't believe how sucked into a TV program I can become! I watched as they dished out scores in french accents and giggled at the Italian mummas. I want to go to their house!! I reckon my best friend and the two of them would get on like a house on fire!!!

So it made me begin to think of how much time I waste sitting on my back side? What could I achieve if I turned off the TV? Maybe a few more blog posts? A decorating project, an encouragement card to a friend? More home cooked meals for the family?

What does TV stop you from doing? I am on a mission to reduce my TV time and begin to start the jobs I've been meaning to get to. Maybe I'll start with the 3 loads of washing that need to be folded!!!!

Love Emma xx

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