Tuesday, December 31

Little Girl Big Dreams

Joni from Lay Baby Lay  blog has this amazing bedroom for some special little girls. I love it all!! I love that it mixes old and new furniture, colours and that two children are sharing this space. It comes from my favourite blogger of all time House of Turquoise. I hope to show you some other little things that make my heart sing over the coming months. I love to dream and look for ideas in lots of blogs and my other addiction....Pinterest

Monday, December 30

Family Fun

Well we all love a few 'family traditions' in our lives and I think this one will have to become ours!! Recently we were determined to just have fun and do some things with the family that are just a little special. 

Just before Christmas we decided that after seeing our churches annual production, we would indulge in our local ice cream shops famous SINK. We had all heard about it, seen pictures but never actually taken part in devouring 15 different scoops of ice cream in the one bowl. The owners like to call it a 'sink' as it is served in an actual sink! 

Now I don't recommend sharing bowls with friends but because we are a family and technically have the same germs, I approved!!

 It took a family effort to consume so much ice cream but we did it! Harry held the trophy on his head as if he had just won the grand final of football!! They loved every bit!!

 It was fun to be a kid again. So I encourage you to think as a family of some crazy activities and just do it!! Be a kid again!! This is what memories are made of!!!

Thanks to our yummy ice cream shop!!!

Friday, December 27

Where have you been?

I few people have asked me about my blog. They have told me that they miss my posts and following in my 'very exciting' life! lol i must admit that i really have missed writing about the days and creating a record of the family for years to come. So i decided to switch my attention onto this blog for a while and see if I can keep at it for more than a month!!

So it is not a New Years Resolution because we all know how well we stick to them!! I'm beginning before the end of the year so I can recap before the year 2014 graces us with it's presence. Looking over the past few posts I can see that I left off around July. So over the next couple of posts I will try to fill you in on all that has happened. Nothing too exciting, just a few pictures of the gang.

 Ruby continued to steal my phone and take a collection of selfies..

Julian received his first 'love letter' in kindy from Portia

The neighbours and my kids had a swim in the ocean. Harry enjoyed himself with all the girls!!

The kids rolled in the sand together...

We bought a new lounge that Harry thought was a bargain!! Just quietly..I think he liked the name of our new lounge!!

Dad had a birthday and Ruby bought him a frog headband to keep the hair out of his eyes!!! still laughing about that one!!

The boys loved each other..even if it was for as long as the picture was taken. It made my day...

Ruby discovered the joy of  MY make up!!!

Daddy and Mummy had some time away from it all in Newcastle!!! Awesome weekend..
Thankyou Mum and Dad for looking after the kids!!!

My kids love to dress up....Ninja, Rapunzel and Ninja 2.What can I say? They are too cute!!

I was given my first onesie!! Yes the craze might be going out of fashion but nothing beats a snuggle in a onesie with Maddi!!

Ok so we all got one!!! We really know how to party!!!

Ruby baked..

I tried to be Donna Hay..

My husband bought my birthday present from Woolies.
 I must say I was slightly concerned but he managed to find and buy all my favourites!!

My boy just gets more handsome everyday. He is 10 now!!

I got a haircut...BEFORE


Then my friends said that I look like Tottie Goldsmiths sister. So I compared

they could be right!!

I lost 20kgs!! YAY!!

My husbands work site impressed me much. He is really busy and doing well. Thankyou Jesus!!

My son disturbs me as I cook dinner. Not sure what to make of this but I do know it will be an awesome 21st picture!!!

Harry learnt to sail..

Ruby misses her family so much she goes to bed with the family portrait...

We baked cookies in preparation for Christmas...

So in a nutshell their is the catch up. The next one will be of our Christmas celebrations. Then I will be all set to type away for the days to come. Looking forward to sharing it with you!!!

Love Emma 

Monday, July 29

A Girl Can Dream..Can't She?

I haven't been here for a while so I will quickly show you my favourites from good old Erin!!!

House of Turquoise: Brende Home

House of Turquoise: Brende Home

House of Turquoise:  Four Chairs Furniture and Hiya Papaya Photography

House of Turquoise:  Four Chairs Furniture and Hiya Papaya Photography

House of Turquoise:  Four Chairs Furniture and Hiya Papaya Photography

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