Monday, December 30

Family Fun

Well we all love a few 'family traditions' in our lives and I think this one will have to become ours!! Recently we were determined to just have fun and do some things with the family that are just a little special. 

Just before Christmas we decided that after seeing our churches annual production, we would indulge in our local ice cream shops famous SINK. We had all heard about it, seen pictures but never actually taken part in devouring 15 different scoops of ice cream in the one bowl. The owners like to call it a 'sink' as it is served in an actual sink! 

Now I don't recommend sharing bowls with friends but because we are a family and technically have the same germs, I approved!!

 It took a family effort to consume so much ice cream but we did it! Harry held the trophy on his head as if he had just won the grand final of football!! They loved every bit!!

 It was fun to be a kid again. So I encourage you to think as a family of some crazy activities and just do it!! Be a kid again!! This is what memories are made of!!!

Thanks to our yummy ice cream shop!!!

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