Wednesday, January 26

Darling Harbour

I'm writing around the wrong way but I have not been blogging for a week and have a few photos to catch up on.

After church on Sunday, Mum and I took the kids to Sydney Aquarium for an outing. I had to leave my husband at home as his broken leg hasn't healed (all prayers needed!). It was such a great day!!

I think the kids would of been happy just to play in the water fountains! I did take them to see the Lego displays in the Aquarium. I had promised to take them before the holidays ended. I only realised that they go back on Friday!!! eeekk!! Mental lunch box.

So here are a few pictures of the big day out....

I have to show you his face....



my little (big) helper.
Embracing the Daddy role
when he's not around!

Water fountains are fun!
a little cold maybe?

does that look like me mum?

China Town for dinner. Take note of the table...
I'm glad i'm not the one cleaning up!
Best Chinese ever!!!

thanks Mum for a great day.
Couldn't have done it without you!
Love Your Daughter xx

What does Today mean To You?

Australia Day 2011

As I sit tonight and reflect on what this day means to me, I am reminded of how truely blessed we are to live in such a country. I know it sounds corny but Australia is really an amazing place to live! I love this picture of a family at the beach.

 I guess my mind goes immediately to the traditional images of Australia Day.....

 All very nice images but a little cheesy to me. I started to think about what stirs me up when I think of Australia and it's people. Here are some of the things that make me smile...

a smiling baby

eating outside

prawns on the BBQ

sand, sand and more sand
( but not in my cozzies!)


Terrigal Beach

The coasts of Australia

My Family!

Australia Day for me was spent the traditional way. A BBQ with family and a swim in the pool. It was an extremely hot day so I also spent a little time with the air con on !!!

As I type I finish the day with a blog!! hahaha I'm so sad! My husband just shakes his head and tells me I'm slightly addicted! I inform him that I haven't posted in over a week!! "Oh wow" he replies." Do people actually read this?"

Now I could of become highly offended and rave about how he hurt my feelings but I decided to proove him wrong.

Here is the part where I need your help.

I would love to show him that there is a blog world out there that he just simply has no clue about! So if you are able, please sign up as a follower of Ruby Belle and I'll show him.. with figures ( all men need physical evidence before they believe anything!) that I actually do have some readers!

Thanks for all your help!! Become a Ruby Belle follower!!

Love always Emma x

Friday, January 14


I love this blog...

Check it out.. Real Living Magazine

My New Family...

Have you ever wanted to run away and join another family? Remember when everybody else had a better family than yours? I found this blog and became immediately inspired to join them or at least have another 8 kids to re create what they seem to have! This blog is definately how the 'others' live!!

On Cloud 8 have some amazing pictures of their small get together over Chrissy. Lets just say.. I'd hate to cook for them all, but hey....they probably have a cook!!!

Family games

Music time

And a visit from Santa. What more could a family want?

so if my family are lookig for me i'll be hanging out with this family...On Cloud 8


I saw this photo from Bella Mumma's blog and became inspired to take a bit more time for myself! Dear Reese just how do you do it? Look so good with two children?

Um...let me think.....a personal trainer, make up artist, dietitian, nanny, too much money, stylist...the list goes on!  Well good luck to you.You look amazing! I will just continue with the Weight watchers diet and a brisk walk!

 click here for more glamour tips!! Bella Mumma  ( I keep clicking but I still look the same!! hahahah)

So my friends....have an awesome weekend, take some time for yourself (maybe a spray tan or it could be a simple as a shower !!)

This made me laugh!!! I think that's me after a hard day!!

Oh I almost forgot! I went shopping tonight at Woolworths and was able to make a donation to the flood appeal whilst at the checkout. It was a great opportunity to give to help those families devastated by the flood in Queensland and New South Wales. Woolworths will match dollar for dollar.

Click her for more information Woolworths Flood Appeal.

take care and may God bless..
Emma xx

Saturday, January 8

Chilren are sent to try us...

This is the source of my fustration......

Miss Ruby Belle has been decorating my wall and her cot for the last 3 days with number twos!! Not happy Jan.

Yes you could say she is creative but I'm plain sick of it!!!!I can't believe a child could do this soooo much!

Yesterday I had such a wonderful sleep in. I woke to not a sound. This immediately alarmed me.
As a mum, I know that silence = trouble. 

My children usually wake me up every morning. For me to wake before them was suprising. So as I turned the corner into Miss Belle's room, the stench hit me like a wall! Creative juices were well indeed flowing!!!!

That was the straw that broke the camels back. I had cleaned up her over 5 times in last 3 days! ENOUGH..!!!

As my anger subsided and the day progressed, I remembered that I really do love her and she is such a little character. During her afternoon nap she insisted on going to bed like this....

bib, hat and bottle plus the shaggy dog..

your brother loves you too ( at times they share the naughty tag!)

when all is said and could you stay mad at such a sweetheart who loves a cuddle ( after she is all cleaned up of course)  !!!

Thursday, January 6

New Years Resolutions

We can all get caught up with New Years promises to ourselves and resolutions which you know will only last as long until the day ends. One of my favourite Bible verses and Emma's from  Cinderella at Brindabella is from Jeremiah.

 I think this is a great verse to ponder on for the beginning of 2011. Remember Jesus has awesome plans for you and your family. Enjoy!!!
Love Emma xx

Wednesday, January 5

Everbody is doing it!

Here i am thinking I'm the only one creating a deck. Well after my morning reads of a few blogs I found Olive and Joy doing the same.

 Check out this blog by Olive and Joy

Have a great day. I'm off to pick up the new BBQ!!!
Love Emma

Monday, January 3

Home Improvement

The day finally arrived. A deck is being built at our house.

"Whatever" I hear you say.

I can't begin to explain what this deck means to us.

Little old us built our  little house many moons ago. We had a lovely house on a lovely muddy block. Not much left over for landscaping. Through the years life happened and it was something that we always were meaning to do. Today it happened! 

this man helped us create our little place outside..well not exactly but his book was great to read and find inspiration!!!
I will hopfully have some amazing before and after photos to share. But until then you will have to wait. Sorry guys!!!

Sunday, January 2


I'm inspired to make a difference this year. Last year it seemed I just scraped through. Many things didn't seem to go my way but this coming year things will change.

I believe that life can have many ups and downs. Fun times, sad times, laughing times, crying times, times to be loud, times to be quiet, a time to be silly and a time to be serious. I feel that 2010 had all of the above.

My challenge this week is to take time out to reflect on 2010 and work out what God wants me to do with 2011. I want to fill His purpose in me for the coming season. I'm excited about the journey and what God holds for me.

Here are some things I've learnt from 2010....

 That family mean more to me than anything and
I'm glad to have them here to share our lives with

enjoy the simple things in life like watermelon

make a funny face and laugh when things don't go right

take time out to be there for your kids...
they love it!!! (look at that face)

cooking at nana's is always fun ..for all involved!

A church is about it's people and not the building.
Learn to love God, not possesions...
it can be all gone in a flash.

always take photographic evidence that your children
really do like each other.

a bath in the sink is ok when you can't
be bothered to fill the bath

a daughter and daddy's love is special

a girl can never have too many bags or necklaces
Don't bother to try and create a picture where everybody smiles at the same time. They don't exist in a family of 5!


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