Saturday, January 1

Sizzle Sizzle

2011 has bought some lovely weather with it today.

As I woke up, I heard the beginnings of a long day. Children were already fighting and shouting loudly I decided that I had better plan something or I will probably kill them by lunch!!

Mr Belle had planned a day with the boys golfing which left little old me with 3 children to entertain. I knew it was going to be a hot one so I had to think quickly.

It was 6.30am. Time to pack the cozzies, water bottles and towels and head to the beach. I rang mum for some back up and told her to get out of bed, I'll be there in 5.

Well did I mention I had 3 children? Things don't happen that fast!!! Who am I kidding?

After the three different breakfasts, nappy changes, coffee for mum, toileting the others, wiping sticky hands (because they found the post Christmas lolly stash), a load of washing on the line, a strip of the bed as someone had  had an accident last night, finding the "right" hat for my picky 7 year old, eventually the car was packed..whoops forgot the umbrella!! Back into the house, searching the wardrobe finally we were ready.

So what time did I pick up mum?

About 8am

A quick drive thru for Micky Dees coffee.( my second in about an hour!) We decided on a lovely beach where we live minus many of the tourists. Just one of the perks of living in such an amazing place, you can actually find less crowded beaches!

We had such a great time and we were ready to head home by 10.30am. The kids expelled some energy and we all got a nana nap to finish the day.


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I hope you plan something amazing in the coming days.....

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