Friday, January 14


I saw this photo from Bella Mumma's blog and became inspired to take a bit more time for myself! Dear Reese just how do you do it? Look so good with two children?

Um...let me think.....a personal trainer, make up artist, dietitian, nanny, too much money, stylist...the list goes on!  Well good luck to you.You look amazing! I will just continue with the Weight watchers diet and a brisk walk!

 click here for more glamour tips!! Bella Mumma  ( I keep clicking but I still look the same!! hahahah)

So my friends....have an awesome weekend, take some time for yourself (maybe a spray tan or it could be a simple as a shower !!)

This made me laugh!!! I think that's me after a hard day!!

Oh I almost forgot! I went shopping tonight at Woolworths and was able to make a donation to the flood appeal whilst at the checkout. It was a great opportunity to give to help those families devastated by the flood in Queensland and New South Wales. Woolworths will match dollar for dollar.

Click her for more information Woolworths Flood Appeal.

take care and may God bless..
Emma xx

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