Wednesday, January 26

What does Today mean To You?

Australia Day 2011

As I sit tonight and reflect on what this day means to me, I am reminded of how truely blessed we are to live in such a country. I know it sounds corny but Australia is really an amazing place to live! I love this picture of a family at the beach.

 I guess my mind goes immediately to the traditional images of Australia Day.....

 All very nice images but a little cheesy to me. I started to think about what stirs me up when I think of Australia and it's people. Here are some of the things that make me smile...

a smiling baby

eating outside

prawns on the BBQ

sand, sand and more sand
( but not in my cozzies!)


Terrigal Beach

The coasts of Australia

My Family!

Australia Day for me was spent the traditional way. A BBQ with family and a swim in the pool. It was an extremely hot day so I also spent a little time with the air con on !!!

As I type I finish the day with a blog!! hahaha I'm so sad! My husband just shakes his head and tells me I'm slightly addicted! I inform him that I haven't posted in over a week!! "Oh wow" he replies." Do people actually read this?"

Now I could of become highly offended and rave about how he hurt my feelings but I decided to proove him wrong.

Here is the part where I need your help.

I would love to show him that there is a blog world out there that he just simply has no clue about! So if you are able, please sign up as a follower of Ruby Belle and I'll show him.. with figures ( all men need physical evidence before they believe anything!) that I actually do have some readers!

Thanks for all your help!! Become a Ruby Belle follower!!

Love always Emma x

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