Friday, September 30

Madly Packing

yes the kids are gone and I'm madly packing to go away for the weekend. The weather doesn't look all that good, so I'm struggling to know what to leave at home and what to squeeze in the bag! Maybe you have something special on this weekend. I've got some cute outfits that I love to share with you!!!

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I love casual wear as I rarely get time to do myself up to the nines!!! So these outfits really suit my style. Love them!! Oh and in case you are wondering how to tie that awesome scarf you just purchased....check out these ideas.....

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Really gotta go and pack. I think I've found some inspiration!! have a great weekend!!!
Love Emma x

Sunday, September 25

quick getaway

yes the time has come to escape the world in which I live...the washing, cooking, cleaning and leave it all behind! Well just for a few days!!!!

My wonderful husband and I are going away for the weekend to  the lovely south coast. I;m very excited! It will be a combined effort of grandparents to look after the cheribs whilst we are away! God bless them!! I'm not sure if they are confident to have three children for a whole 3 days!! 

I'm sure they will be ok. I say they can do what they want with them! As long as they are alive and well when we get back! Three nights of nuggets and chips for dinner can't hurt....can it?

It is a well deserved celebration for both Karl and I as we have had a "special" year. Lots of up, downs, curve balls and blessings from the good man upstairs! We can finally smile so it's time to kick up the heels and take some time out for us!

So the blog will be a bit light this week as I prepare for the big weekend. I laugh at how much organisation goes into a three day escape. Sometimes I find myself thinking if it is all worth it?

Then I remind myself how important it is to take time out for each other. With life taking over control some days, it's hard to spend that quality time together. I will remember what a freind said once...

"the best thing you can do for your children is have a great relationship with your spouse. Let them see how much you love each other, let them know how important you are to each other."

So I say...I'm doing it for you kids! It helps with the mothers guilt of being away from them for too long!!! hahahhaa

so before I leave I will post my daily stalks....

ok ok I'll stop with my new favourite blog!! All these awesome pictures come straight from Erins blog called House of Turquoise I can't stop. I rrrreeaaaally want to change my colour scheme at home. I'll have to work on that and convince my husband!!! hahahah
Have a great week!!!!

Friday, September 23

one minute make up

I love this idea from Bella Mumma. We are all time poor as mums. So here is a trick or two for you!!!!

Here's the absolute bare minimum make-up - (that takes about a minute to apply) - to give your features maximum impact...
* DOT ON UNDER-EYE CONCEALER - to wake up the whole face.
* SLICK ON A ROSE COLOURED LIPSTICK OR GLOSS – it’s the two-second way to give the illusion you're wearing make-up when you're not.
* CURL LASHES AND BRUSH ON MASCARA – to instantly wake-up the eyes.
* SWEEP BROWS UP AND OUT – great brows always make an impact.
Voila - gorgeous!

thankyou Nikki for inspiring all the busy mums out there!!!!

Tuesday, September 20

not quite picture perfect

I'm busy stalking my blogs and all I ever see is perfectly laid out pictures of homes, cooking, craft and children!

I have to reveal that blogs are only just what the blogger wants to show you!

They spend hours tidying up the house to take pictures, take pictures of their latest creations in the kitchen (move over Jamie Oliver!) and spend hours only selecting the most flattering photos of the kids to reveal!!!

I know this because i am guilty of it!!! Sorry guys!!!

So just to prove that I am real, I have a messy kitchen, I don't do my washing, my kids are less than perfect and my meals don't always resemble a gourmet feast on a plate with garnishes...i decided to let you in on my life. A snap shot of a rare day home with the little goes...

be kind everyone...I feel vunerable!! hahahaha

classic bed unmade and a pile of clean washing
calling me to be folded!!!

cooking in the kitchen complete with broken kitchen
cupboard door and a very unsafe position of my third
born next to the stove!

it's a cook off and I like to deal with dishes
at the end!! hahhaha

I really am a messy cook!!!!

I don't think there is ANY bench space left!!

see what I can cook?
A plate of fruit to keep all the fingers out
of what I'm actually cooking!!!

yep it's spag bol for the next hundred years!!
Did I cook enough?
I believe in freezing meals!! hahahaha

using patty pans for everything and
anything BUT to make cupcakes!!!

just hanging out and getting under my feet....
it's their quest in life!!!!
Did I mention they do a great job?!!!

So my friends that's life at home. I promise to be real more often with my life. I'll include a few shockers for you to giggle at!!
Love Emma xx

I'm in Love

I have a few all time favourite blogs and this one is VERY high on the list. I love every picture. I find myself staring at them, looking to see how I can add a little turquoise in my life. Yes I've blogged it before but Erin just keeps on coming up with the goods!!!

So today is just a repost of my favourite pics!! click here for more

Monday, September 19

family time

I had a miserable day on Sunday feeling YuK!!! So we stayed in and had some lovely family time. I love just hanging out with the family in my trackies and eating good food. My mum and dad came over together with my little bro and we sat and chatted about everything and nothing! It was just what the doctor ordered. As we sat my brother took some photos as my children entertained us. Gotta share some because I just love them!!!!

stealing a hug from Daddy

My little Ruby is growing up fast!!!

that is either a "back off brother" point or she is mimicking me!!!!

These two love a cuddle and a tickle

Having grandparents close to share these moments is priceless and I feel truely blessed to have people who love my kids as much as I do !!!

Favourite fruit

Love him soooo much!

The game was to throw teddy in the air and catch

Great action shots!

A smile for the camera...very unusual!!

Catch Jules!!

So that ended my weekend. I hope you had a lovely time too.

Sunday, September 18

My Home

source: Design Sponge Online

I really love my house and all the little things that I do to make it a home. When I saw this it really summed up what I love MOST about my home. The family and friends with which I share it with!!!!

Friday, September 16

weekend inspiration

I hope you have an awesome weekend. I'm sitting here thinking of all that I have to do and all I really want is to be sitting here and reading a good book!

So before I begin the weekend I had to delve into my favourite past time....looking at photos which make me happy. This lounge room is definately somewhere I want to be!

I'm loving this look!!!!!

Then my mind wandered to what am I going to wear this weekend. I needed inspiration and found it ! Bring on Spring I say!!!
Maybe shopping for  a new look is on the menu?

ok the dishes are calling and I really need to do them BEFORE midnight!!!! Gee I need a cup of Tea!!!
Love lots Emma xx

ok ok what I've really been up to

Yes I have been a little busy but I thought I would update what we as a family have been up to. We went on an unexpected trip to the big smoke a little while back. It wasn't the best weather but what the is short...embrace it eh?

this is the type of weather we endured. The Rocks is our favourite part of Sydney to explore.

we parked the car and before we knew it, the boys had found their first wonder...

it was a small 'blow hole'. The wind swept up as the waves crashed and blew air out through the tiny drain....

hours of fun right there...

i really had the drag them away...come on boys lets start exploring!!

we found a grand mother (ours!) who lives in the city. We walked through the big tall building and up one way streets...

always careful to cross the road at the lights....NOT! At least we held hands!

a quick cup of tea with Gran Mary and off we went again...

a ferry ride would take about an hour. We didn't go anywhere just around the harbour and back. The kids always love it!!!

kiss for Ruby..

hanging out together is great!!!

Harry would watch the water as the ferry slowly took us around ...

all this walking made us hungry, off to our favourite spot.....

Ruby is in love with the menu! To tell you the truth so am I. It is great for the kids and well priced!!!

 Ruby's favourite for the night

ok we are all getting silly and tired. Time to go home.


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