Friday, September 2

Jules.... I love you

It actually happened on the weekend. My little boy turned four. Can you believe it? I certainly can't. It only seemed like yesterday that he arrived and joined our crazy family! He has been such a blessing to us and I can't begin to describe how special I think he is. I'm sad that I didn't have a blog back then so I decided that this post would be dedicated to catching up on what I missed with Julian.
The pictures are special but I did start this blog as a little reminder of what I 've been up to and as a record that I can look back on. So warts and all, here it is....

Me the day before he was born. Special pic eh? To all the people who have been pregnant, you understand!!!! Everything swells!!! My nose was even swollen!!! OMG!!!

the birth..Happy Chappy

one happy brother

sucking Daddy's nose... yum!

first christmas 2007

mummy and Jules 12 weeks

my ever growing family!

You see Jules has had a rough time. He didn't get
 four years of being the only child like his big brother. He came into this world and when he was only 17mths, our little princess was born. The poor kid had only been walking for 8 weeks! This is where the jealously began. Jules doesn't like to share much! He can get agressive and loves to scream to be heard. I guess part of that is my fault. But as I look back over photos from the past four years I can see the genuine love all the kids have for each other. I see the smiles and laughs and remember how lucky I am to have such awesome kids...even if they are VERY close in age!

Jules I love you so much and pray that the years ahead are filled with love, happiness and laughter. I thankyou for being such a blessing to us. May God love you and protect you all the days of your life.
Love Mum xx

not the greatest photo of me but I'm posting for the cause. How cute are the kids?! I think this is where it hit me... I'm going to really busy for the next trillion years!!!!!

A very protective big brother. He wouldn't let her go!!! It was his first cuddle. Priceless

he really was fasinated by how little she was

not even to top of the table was safe for Ruby. Big brother would find her anywhere!!!

watching big brother at soccer. I had already had Ruby by this age! Oh my, I am remebering how nuts I was!!!
 drawing with crayon in the bath..note to people...Don't get it in the grout. It doesn't come off!

simply too cute
I wish I could go back.. I wish time would stand still to soak up this little face forever!!

A kiss for mum

on the boat

The best part is that they have all grown up to be great frinds who look out for each other and can be a little protective. Love it!

look at the happy faces!!!!! even a car trip can be fun together...NOT

the truth is they are rarely apart!


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