Thursday, August 25

Mum meets Optimus Prime

Yes it is that time of the year...a child's birthday! Who's child?

 Whoops MINE!!

I'v been so busy I had decided to pass it in and have a small family gathering for Jules' 4th birthday. Then I heard that calm small voice which reminded me of Harrison's party, birthdays, chin digs, gatherings, events!! You name it he had it!

Poor little Jules. Had I become that mum who lavishes the first born and slowly puts my second born in the 'too hard basket'? I really didn't want that to become my reality.

who could say no to this face?

So I asked him what kind of cake he would like for his birthday? " A transformer one" he quickly replied. Hmmmm. That would take a bit of thinking about. So I avoided it until I really had to create.

Pressure is on.

This weekend is his big day. My beautiful friends on facebook have been throwing suggestions my way. I have given the ingredient list to hubby (as he is off work and I'm not). The will travel the isles of Woolies while I work. Sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning a transformation will  happen. I butter cake will turn into Optimus Prime!!!

I'm so excited yet full of anxiety!! At least if I stuff it up..he will have more birthdays!! lol I also take comfort in knowing that he is little and probably won't remember it.!! If it is a success the digital camera will get a work out!!!!

I really need to sleep due to my late night activities tomorrow aka making cakes!!! I'll keep you posted!!

This is my inspiration...oh and google images!!!

Wednesday, August 24

Perfect Pools

I woke up to see the sun. I felt it's warmth and began to reminisce about summer and all the good things it has to bring.

The beach

hanging out at the beach

kids getting wet at the beach

ice creams on a hot day

Summer is coming and I can't wait!

If I lived in a perfect world and the money tree was flourishing out the back, summer would bring to me a backyard pool! I think something like this....

source: remodelista

source: Pastolux

ok ok they are a little extreme but was fun to look!! I guess the reality is that the kids and I will be swimming in this

we choose to enjoy the simple things in life!! lol
(Ruby doesn't look that impressed!)

Tuesday, August 23

Thought for the day...

Aqua and Timber

Hello my friends. Busy week but not too busy to make a post! yay. Some days I feel like I achieve. Other days I'm not so sure what I did. It all seemed a blur!!! Do you know what I mean?

The kids are well and husband is looking to get back to work next week. That offically takes his time off to one whole year!!! Sometimes I think of what we could have done in that time and with that money. I'm thinking a road trip around Australia for a year, have another baby, renovate a home, buy a new home, landscape a house or complete a new course. 

No use dwelling on the past. I'm the kind of lady who focuses on the positives and the exciting future! We have each other, the time spent as a family has been awesome and I we still have a house and some savings left!! Does $10 count!!! hahaha   

Yes I've been off fluffing around cyber world to find my dream home...what's new? Well I am in looooove with aqua, turquoise, light blue..what ever you want to call it and timber. Here are a few ideas I've found. Now I'm about to add more Aqua to my life. I had to add this black and white kitchen because i think it is a classic. Enjoy my loves!!

See you next time!

Saturday, August 20

Mary Poppins

This is about how I feel....

I'm so excited !!! This is me jumping for joy!

After a disastrous week of sickness and busy at work (my new house husband is absolutely amazing!! more about that later!) I received a call late on Friday from a special friend who ever so kindly passed on her ticket to Mary Poppins to ME!!!!! it made my day! So today I'm hanging at home waiting to leave for the big smoke (Sydney) to see one of my all time favourite musicals come alive on stage.

It has been such a blessing. I was just saying to my husband how much I would love to see Mary Poppins. The very next day I received the phone call. God truely does want to bless us even with the small stuff!!

So I should duck off for a shower but I will add a few things that I have found on my newest craze...Pinterest! Fathers Day is just around the corner. Here is some stuff to get you thinking....

Maybe a t - shirt gift is something that might tickle his fancy? Check it out at Etsy

A cheap idea for the kids to do. Check it out here at Etsy


 Megan at Brassy Apple used her camera to make an awesome picture with the kids for fathers day.

And my all time favourite which my husband will be getting..the kids feet with writing on the bottom. Sorry who ever posted this but I couldn't find your link to mention you!!!!

Enjoy the weekend my friends!!

Wednesday, August 17

Family under seige!

Ok I'm sorry my friends but posts are a little light this week! The family and I have had the dreaded bug that sucks the life out of you!! I can't believe that you can feel so rotten!!! So give me a few days and I'll be back with much more exciting stories other than how much toilet paper we can go through in two days!

Our record is one roll an hour!!! This is due to Miss Belle deciding it would be a great day to begin toilet training!!  I should have bought shares in Kleenex!!

Sunday, August 14

Pinterest & Chocolate

OK I'm not sure where to start but I have discovered only this week what everybody has probably been  using since the beginning of the Internet!

You know how I love a good 'stalk' on peoples blogs. I love to watch the time fly past as I sit with a steaming hot cup of tea and enter into a labyrinth of blog posts which take me all over the world. Clicking here, clicking there, 'oooohing' and 'ahhhing' at the most wonderful ideas which never seem to enter my little head! Well I have discovered (with the help of a special friend) more ways to waste time on the computer! yay!

I say it is not wasting time but my husband would have to disagree. I see his eyes roll as he walks past and gently reminds me of children that may need attention! Whoops! Is it that time already? Where did the time go? Darn..I was meant to pay some bills. Oh well always tomorrow!

Ok... so for all you bloggers I'm slow.  But for the lay man like me Pinterest has become my new best friend! Stacey my beautiful friend at work who likes pretty things, craft ideas, recipes and even loves my kids too, has opened a can of worms right before my eyes! After a quick lesson and a mental note of the name of this site, I ran home to my trusted computer. I logged on and I don't think I have left!! Did I mention that was Friday?

The weekend for me was full of sick children and plenty of washing. Oh did I mentioned it rained and most of that washing did not dry?! gotta love it. So with the weather begin so kind and children sleeping due to illness, Pinterest became a friend. I guess my ancestors would have chosen to read a classic in their spare time..I guess it sucked to live back then!! hahahaa

So do yourself a favour and spend so time looking at things that tickle your fancy!
Thanks Stacey !!

I am including a recipe I found...I think it is what you call a chocolate overload!!!

This recipe has been made by Kevin and Amanda. Can't wait to try it!!

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar


Click here for more
Have a great Monday... Hope to post soon with more delicious finds....
Love Emma

Wednesday, August 10

Home Inspiration...White!!!

OK I'm out on the stalk again and I found one of my favourite blogs by Nikki was full of home inspiration. She has a blog full of make up tips (which are handy), home decorating and odd bit and pieces. I have selected a few pictures to create a post today. Not very inventive but time is not always on my side! Enjoy and be sure to check out Bella Mumma!!!

OK I'm off to organise a kids party!! Wish me luck!!!
Love Emma

Friday, August 5

Count Your Blessings

I was looking back at my photos and realised that our family love to kiss!!!

stealing a kiss with my tiny neighbour

Me as a toddler loving my mum

brother and sister

daddy and daughter

me as a mum loving my baby

Here are two little people bringing a couch into the bathroom to watch me shower....surely Playschool is much more exciting!?! Kids...gotta love em!

A quick poem that I posted a while back. I love to read it and ponder......I hope it helps you consider what is important this weekend and have a great time with the family!!!

May God bless you.. love Emma xx

There's a time to do the dishes and a time to leave them in the sink.

There's a time to save Grandma's lace table cloth for Christmas dinner and a time to use it for breakfast on Tueday morning.

There's a time to say" Don't bother me now, I'm busy" and a time to drop everthing to roll around the floor with your kids, Dance around the living room with your husband or stop for a cuppa with a friend.

There's a time to race out late at night to return the DVD and  a time to stay at home with your family and pay the late fee.

There's a time to nag your husband about wasting film and a time to let him snap as many photos as he wants of his little girl in her first ballet costume.

There's a time to say " Save those for the guests" and a time to your your husband take the best biscuit from the batch.

There's a time to say, "Don't spill that on the couch!" and a time to let your son make a fort with the couch cushions.

God has made eveything beautiful in its time.

I hope this encourages you today. Remember to enjoy each and everyday that we are given with our awesome families...

Thursday, August 4

ok... so today I had some fun! I acted like a four year old in the park and haven't laugh so hard in ages!!! If your my friend on facebook you can see the whole video but I'm telling you.....I felt soooooo sick after twisting around this swing. I thought it was a good idea at the time. I think we have all felt like that, remember?  You think maybe this will be fun and live to regret it!!!!

Thanks to my beautiful friend standing there capturing every moment on her 'wang fangled' iphone!! She could hardly keep it still after nearly wetting herself with laughter!!! Well girls... we had fun. I'm a big believer of old fashioned fun. Today we experienced it. What do you do for old fashioned fun?

My friend and I are planning something special to include lots of people in some old fashioned fun. I'll tell you more about it later. Quietly, I'm  a little bit excited!!!

Enjoy your day and oh....Thats me in the grey, bending over a swing seat and about to be sick after twisting the chain and letting go. I like to call this the 'helicopter'!!! hahahahah

Monday, August 1

Mummy and Ruby

Beautify Me...please?

I am not paid for this but it is the most amazing make up!!! I had some time without the kids today so what does a girl do? Go to the shops and let the good ladies make me look special!!! Cherie down at the local Napoleon store (and church friend) made me look a millon dollars!!!

I was so excited that I ran home and finished the washing and preparation for dinner!! hahahaha
I did splurge on a lovely lip gloss.. Oh did I say splurge? I mean to say that I sold my kidney for it!!!


I will have to budget in the rest of the makeup to complete the look again for another day!
I have always wanted to play girly make up without the kids. Today just seemed to be the day.
I hope you had an amazing day too. I think I have hit the domestic godess status on new levels!! Doing housework in full makeup!!!! lol

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