Thursday, August 4

ok... so today I had some fun! I acted like a four year old in the park and haven't laugh so hard in ages!!! If your my friend on facebook you can see the whole video but I'm telling you.....I felt soooooo sick after twisting around this swing. I thought it was a good idea at the time. I think we have all felt like that, remember?  You think maybe this will be fun and live to regret it!!!!

Thanks to my beautiful friend standing there capturing every moment on her 'wang fangled' iphone!! She could hardly keep it still after nearly wetting herself with laughter!!! Well girls... we had fun. I'm a big believer of old fashioned fun. Today we experienced it. What do you do for old fashioned fun?

My friend and I are planning something special to include lots of people in some old fashioned fun. I'll tell you more about it later. Quietly, I'm  a little bit excited!!!

Enjoy your day and oh....Thats me in the grey, bending over a swing seat and about to be sick after twisting the chain and letting go. I like to call this the 'helicopter'!!! hahahahah

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