Saturday, August 20

Mary Poppins

This is about how I feel....

I'm so excited !!! This is me jumping for joy!

After a disastrous week of sickness and busy at work (my new house husband is absolutely amazing!! more about that later!) I received a call late on Friday from a special friend who ever so kindly passed on her ticket to Mary Poppins to ME!!!!! it made my day! So today I'm hanging at home waiting to leave for the big smoke (Sydney) to see one of my all time favourite musicals come alive on stage.

It has been such a blessing. I was just saying to my husband how much I would love to see Mary Poppins. The very next day I received the phone call. God truely does want to bless us even with the small stuff!!

So I should duck off for a shower but I will add a few things that I have found on my newest craze...Pinterest! Fathers Day is just around the corner. Here is some stuff to get you thinking....

Maybe a t - shirt gift is something that might tickle his fancy? Check it out at Etsy

A cheap idea for the kids to do. Check it out here at Etsy


 Megan at Brassy Apple used her camera to make an awesome picture with the kids for fathers day.

And my all time favourite which my husband will be getting..the kids feet with writing on the bottom. Sorry who ever posted this but I couldn't find your link to mention you!!!!

Enjoy the weekend my friends!!


  1. Oh Enjoy enjoy Enjoy!!!
    You will love it, im still trying to go and see it again :)

    P.s Love Pintrest for every idea you could ever need

  2. thanks for the reminder to get my butt into gear & organise things for dad's day :)


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