Sunday, August 14

Pinterest & Chocolate

OK I'm not sure where to start but I have discovered only this week what everybody has probably been  using since the beginning of the Internet!

You know how I love a good 'stalk' on peoples blogs. I love to watch the time fly past as I sit with a steaming hot cup of tea and enter into a labyrinth of blog posts which take me all over the world. Clicking here, clicking there, 'oooohing' and 'ahhhing' at the most wonderful ideas which never seem to enter my little head! Well I have discovered (with the help of a special friend) more ways to waste time on the computer! yay!

I say it is not wasting time but my husband would have to disagree. I see his eyes roll as he walks past and gently reminds me of children that may need attention! Whoops! Is it that time already? Where did the time go? Darn..I was meant to pay some bills. Oh well always tomorrow!

Ok... so for all you bloggers I'm slow.  But for the lay man like me Pinterest has become my new best friend! Stacey my beautiful friend at work who likes pretty things, craft ideas, recipes and even loves my kids too, has opened a can of worms right before my eyes! After a quick lesson and a mental note of the name of this site, I ran home to my trusted computer. I logged on and I don't think I have left!! Did I mention that was Friday?

The weekend for me was full of sick children and plenty of washing. Oh did I mentioned it rained and most of that washing did not dry?! gotta love it. So with the weather begin so kind and children sleeping due to illness, Pinterest became a friend. I guess my ancestors would have chosen to read a classic in their spare time..I guess it sucked to live back then!! hahahaa

So do yourself a favour and spend so time looking at things that tickle your fancy!
Thanks Stacey !!

I am including a recipe I found...I think it is what you call a chocolate overload!!!

This recipe has been made by Kevin and Amanda. Can't wait to try it!!

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar


Click here for more
Have a great Monday... Hope to post soon with more delicious finds....
Love Emma

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  1. Oh Emma your more then welcome!!!!

    Glad i could help find you more ways to waste time on the computer :) xx


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