Monday, August 1

Beautify Me...please?

I am not paid for this but it is the most amazing make up!!! I had some time without the kids today so what does a girl do? Go to the shops and let the good ladies make me look special!!! Cherie down at the local Napoleon store (and church friend) made me look a millon dollars!!!

I was so excited that I ran home and finished the washing and preparation for dinner!! hahahaha
I did splurge on a lovely lip gloss.. Oh did I say splurge? I mean to say that I sold my kidney for it!!!


I will have to budget in the rest of the makeup to complete the look again for another day!
I have always wanted to play girly make up without the kids. Today just seemed to be the day.
I hope you had an amazing day too. I think I have hit the domestic godess status on new levels!! Doing housework in full makeup!!!! lol

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