Friday, August 5

Count Your Blessings

I was looking back at my photos and realised that our family love to kiss!!!

stealing a kiss with my tiny neighbour

Me as a toddler loving my mum

brother and sister

daddy and daughter

me as a mum loving my baby

Here are two little people bringing a couch into the bathroom to watch me shower....surely Playschool is much more exciting!?! Kids...gotta love em!

A quick poem that I posted a while back. I love to read it and ponder......I hope it helps you consider what is important this weekend and have a great time with the family!!!

May God bless you.. love Emma xx

There's a time to do the dishes and a time to leave them in the sink.

There's a time to save Grandma's lace table cloth for Christmas dinner and a time to use it for breakfast on Tueday morning.

There's a time to say" Don't bother me now, I'm busy" and a time to drop everthing to roll around the floor with your kids, Dance around the living room with your husband or stop for a cuppa with a friend.

There's a time to race out late at night to return the DVD and  a time to stay at home with your family and pay the late fee.

There's a time to nag your husband about wasting film and a time to let him snap as many photos as he wants of his little girl in her first ballet costume.

There's a time to say " Save those for the guests" and a time to your your husband take the best biscuit from the batch.

There's a time to say, "Don't spill that on the couch!" and a time to let your son make a fort with the couch cushions.

God has made eveything beautiful in its time.

I hope this encourages you today. Remember to enjoy each and everyday that we are given with our awesome families...

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