Thursday, August 25

Mum meets Optimus Prime

Yes it is that time of the year...a child's birthday! Who's child?

 Whoops MINE!!

I'v been so busy I had decided to pass it in and have a small family gathering for Jules' 4th birthday. Then I heard that calm small voice which reminded me of Harrison's party, birthdays, chin digs, gatherings, events!! You name it he had it!

Poor little Jules. Had I become that mum who lavishes the first born and slowly puts my second born in the 'too hard basket'? I really didn't want that to become my reality.

who could say no to this face?

So I asked him what kind of cake he would like for his birthday? " A transformer one" he quickly replied. Hmmmm. That would take a bit of thinking about. So I avoided it until I really had to create.

Pressure is on.

This weekend is his big day. My beautiful friends on facebook have been throwing suggestions my way. I have given the ingredient list to hubby (as he is off work and I'm not). The will travel the isles of Woolies while I work. Sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning a transformation will  happen. I butter cake will turn into Optimus Prime!!!

I'm so excited yet full of anxiety!! At least if I stuff it up..he will have more birthdays!! lol I also take comfort in knowing that he is little and probably won't remember it.!! If it is a success the digital camera will get a work out!!!!

I really need to sleep due to my late night activities tomorrow aka making cakes!!! I'll keep you posted!!

This is my inspiration...oh and google images!!!

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