Tuesday, August 23

Aqua and Timber

Hello my friends. Busy week but not too busy to make a post! yay. Some days I feel like I achieve. Other days I'm not so sure what I did. It all seemed a blur!!! Do you know what I mean?

The kids are well and husband is looking to get back to work next week. That offically takes his time off to one whole year!!! Sometimes I think of what we could have done in that time and with that money. I'm thinking a road trip around Australia for a year, have another baby, renovate a home, buy a new home, landscape a house or complete a new course. 

No use dwelling on the past. I'm the kind of lady who focuses on the positives and the exciting future! We have each other, the time spent as a family has been awesome and I we still have a house and some savings left!! Does $10 count!!! hahaha   

Yes I've been off fluffing around cyber world to find my dream home...what's new? Well I am in looooove with aqua, turquoise, light blue..what ever you want to call it and timber. Here are a few ideas I've found. Now I'm about to add more Aqua to my life. I had to add this black and white kitchen because i think it is a classic. Enjoy my loves!!

See you next time!

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