Thursday, October 27

well said

ok so my Katie Holmes post is a little shallow today. I thought i might balance things up with these amazing words of wisdom....

I think this is so true. To teach my kids this, I will need help from above! I'm so glad I can rely on Jesus to help me raise my kids! It can be such a daunting task, it helps to remember He is there to help in ALL things, big or small!!!
Love Emma

Katie Holmes

This girl skipped the lamb roast and bagged herself a husband!

Being married to Tom Cruise has done wonders for Katie!! November issue of Marie Claire.

Wednesday, October 26

Monday, October 24

can you do me a favour?

To all my beautiful people who love to read Ruby Belle - I would love it if you would become a follower! There is no reason but purely for my own ego. I would love to see how many regular followers I have.

All you have to do is click on "become a follower" and follow the prompts.

It's just a small favour I ask


I'll love you forever!!!

Really I will.

Now here comes the puppy dog eyes....

Sunday, October 23

pinterest party & a little story

Loving, loving loving it! Did I say that I love it?
Pinterest is such a great site that I can't keep off! Jess my beautiful friend also told me how much she loves it, so I am not the only one who loves it! Makes me feel a little better...

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We are loving it and I hope you do to. Before I head to the beach
(with pics to follow), I'll add my new favourite pictures for the day.

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A weekend outfit

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A beautiful girls room. Loving the colours!

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thanks Emma for your pictures!

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a new do?

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I really want a ginger jar

so my friends we are off to the beach. I'm excited for the kids sake but I'm really not ready to expose myself in such a manner! The first strip down into cozzies for the season is a little scary to be frank. Scary for all involved...on lookers, animals, children and myself! Note to self... need to visit my beautiful friend Dre` who has a gift with the spray tan gun! I love you!!

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It's actually a very funny story about tanning and Dre`. I've got time to share as my darlings are having a nap. I find myself laughing as I type!!

Beautiful Dre` introduced me to the world of fake tan. Bless her. I'm sure we all have stories about fake tans, how they went orange, uneven coverage, brown cuticles, brown bed sheets just plain scary to me!!! The thought of a fake tan honestly frightened me..until I met her.

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She encouraged me to throw caution to the wind and strip for a friend. She promised me the world! An amazing tan, even out skin tone, hide vericous veins(i think that's how you spell those nasty veins!) and simply look a million dollars - I was some what sceptical.

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So my first spray was booked. I felt slightly weird getting naked in front of a friend. The last time I did that Nel and I were having baths together in Infants..well maybe primary school!!! I had to stand, bend, spread, close eyes, turn, lift arms, hold arms up and one of my favourite girls......lift up my own boobs!!!! Having kids does some nasty things to your body!!! hahahahaha

So the job was done. I didn't feel this instant million dollars, I felt sticky and wet! But as the day progressed and the colour set in....I was hooked! I am now a firm believer that a little tan can hide alot of sin!!! A little colour makes us all look and feel healthy. So unfortunately Dre` will have to see me with my clothes off a few more times this summer ( sorry Love xx)!

All this talk makes me want to get brown again. I like the beach but lets face it....who has time to sit around in the sun all day with three kids? I also like the fact that I probably won't die of skin cancer ( just another form of cancer related to the chemicals that I have been spraying on my body for ten years!!lol)Sorry girls there will be no before and after photos of myself with a fake will just have to try it yourself!!!!

Leaving you with this thought....

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Thursday, October 20

Happy Harry

My baby turned 8 last week!

I had to post some rather funny photos to celebrate his birthday. The truth is that he makes me laugh! He is the reason I went back for more! He is such a great kid to have around and I enjoy every minute of being his mum. I feel blessed that he is on loan to me for such a time.

He is my Superman!!

Still loves a cuddle from mum

enjoys cereal in the morning..even if it is the Easter Hat Parade..

reminds me that no one looks good in a snorkel!!! Do you think he has worked out that you can breathe through your mouth?

Loves to hang out and take pictures of himself....I think he got that from me!!

embraces crazy hair day....EVERYDAY!

is a beautiful young man who will make someone happy one day!!!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!! We love you stacks!!!!!

bling bling

I was cleaning out my linen coset and came across this ever so stylish mug stand. What to do with it such a classic piece? I was immediately inspired by all you amazing people out there in blog land. You do such amazing work and I thought I could beat you at your game!

One pot of white paint and a brush, 15 minutes and I have a jewellery stand for my daughter! She loves it and is enjoying accessorising each and every morning!

What is your weekend project?

Sunday, October 16

bedroom makeover

Ok so you might be getting bored of my turquoise obsession but I'm sorry! Erin posted more amazing pictures on her blog today that I just have to share! I get so inspired to change the colours in my own house then I remember...I'm not a millionaire who can change colour schemes like I change my underwear!!! hahaha

Never mind. I'm continue to dream and if these picture interest you check out Erin at House of Turquoise

Saturday, October 15

sand between your toes

What a beautiful country  in which we live. I'm so blessed to live close to the beach and be able to take time out of the busy day to feel the sand between my toes. Last week I did just that.

This blog is about my everyday adventures and a record of my busy days as I navigate life with three kids and a husband. Instead of stalking other peoples blogs, I stalked my own!! lol I spent time flicking through old posts and sipping my tea. It was great. I smiled as I recalled some of my favourite days spent with the family.

It really puts stuff into perspective. You really can't remember the day at work you had, the type of meal you served that night or if you brought the washing in wet or dry that day. The things I remember are the smiles, the laughter, the smells and the time spent with the kids and husband. 

I encourage anyone who is thinking of starting the blogging journal to do so. Yes other peole can read it but if you aren't doing anything illegal that should be ok!!!! You actually find that there are many people who think the same way or feel the same way. I love your comments!! I get readers from Turkey to Russia . If my mundane life helps peolple feel not so alone then that is awesome!

So back to the beach....getting a bit off track!!! Here are some of my favourite pic of the quick trip to the beach. Bring on Summer!!!!

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