Wednesday, October 5

Playtime at home

Hello there!!
I'm back from my amazing getaway but more about that later.

I'm planning to do nothing for two days. Yes completely nothing!
I 'm going to try and stay at home, not drive a car or go to the shops. I'll leave the TV off and just relax. If I don't have it I'll go without ( or trade something with my beautiful neighbours)!
I feel some days that I'm going, going, going and never stop. Unfortunatley I haven't spent that much time with the kids these holidays so I'm determined to just play.

So chalk on the driveway, goop in the garden, cooking and games are on the menu. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm sure we will have a ball! The greatest part is that I have my very best friend living next door with her kids. So there will be friends for them to play with and I'll have a friend to drink coffee with in my pyjamas!!!

I'll post a few pictures tomorrow but it is getting late and I really need beauty sleep!!! hahha
Love Emma x

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