Saturday, October 8

feeling refreshed

Hi guys I'm back! I had an awesome time away just to touch base with the man who lives with me!!! hahaha. It was great to relax, eat, walk and check out the sights of such a lovely town.

We promised ourselves not to chat constantly about the kids. (very hard)!! Every time I walked the streets window shoppping , I thought....harry would love that, that would look good in Ruby's room etc. I had to stop myself. As mums we are so caught up in the lives of our children it is important to take time out for ourselves.

A big thankyou to our parents for holding the fort whilst we were gone. They are the best and we couldn't do it without them!!!! XXXXXXX Thankyou!!!!!

oh and I did say that I would get back to you about my stay at home adventures!! Well we had a blast!!! Chalk drawing, goop making and eating watermelon!! Totally recommend a day at home!

Love emma xx

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