Friday, October 14

happy birthday Mr Ruby Belle

I just had to post to wish my amazing husband a wonderful birthday. He is spending the day tomorrow at cricket (something that he loves).

He really is a great guy. We have definately had our ups and downs but we have been together for 15 years and married for 12. He is such a fantastic Dad that on those days when I'm hormonal, I find a tear in my eye as I watch him play with the kids! He loves spending time with them! He has been known to come home early just to play in the backyard with them.

I love how he calls my Ruby a princess more often than her real name, I love how he encourages the boys and rolls around the floor with them. I love the family moments that make up terrific memories.

Yes he loves his sport. It killed him not to be playing it for a year! I could get angry and whinge because he doesn't spend enough time with us (believe me-  been there, done that!), but the truth is, I am blessed. He could be down the pub, drinking, gambling and hanging with the boys. He is not. He is playing sport. I have found over the many years that he is a better husband and dad when he has time out to do the things he loves. So I embrace the sport and watch my young follow in his foot steps. All they want is to be just like him!
 Thanks for being a lovely husband. I love you honey!!!!

Jules can't wait to join you!


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