Thursday, October 20

Happy Harry

My baby turned 8 last week!

I had to post some rather funny photos to celebrate his birthday. The truth is that he makes me laugh! He is the reason I went back for more! He is such a great kid to have around and I enjoy every minute of being his mum. I feel blessed that he is on loan to me for such a time.

He is my Superman!!

Still loves a cuddle from mum

enjoys cereal in the morning..even if it is the Easter Hat Parade..

reminds me that no one looks good in a snorkel!!! Do you think he has worked out that you can breathe through your mouth?

Loves to hang out and take pictures of himself....I think he got that from me!!

embraces crazy hair day....EVERYDAY!

is a beautiful young man who will make someone happy one day!!!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!! We love you stacks!!!!!

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