Wednesday, October 12

Pretty as a picture...

I love Spring and all things pretty so I decided to share my favourite pictures with you today!!

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These flowers are amazing. I wish I had a garden!!!

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 I kind of feel llike washing up looking at this picture~~!!!

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This bathroom is somewhere I could find myself relaxing in!

I had such a suprise this week from my best friend. We are both in looove with everything Donna! Unfortunately we aren't that fond of her cooking shows but both wish for a kitchen make over
"Donna Style."

 So we wait for the magazine to arrive in the mail, gush over the pages and get excited over her recipes. My beautiful friend has even made it down to her store in Sydney! I find her obsession slightly worse than mine!! lol. Any way I can't complain because she bought me a special gift!

pure blue boxed mug pair
A mug to sip my tea in!! Love it. Thankyou so much! My tea tastes amazing!! all I need is a whole set!!

Which kid could I sell?!!!hahaha

Have a great day!!!

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