Wednesday, March 16

Time to get away...

My beautiful uni friend and her family love to holiday in their caravan. So when I saw these pictures at Bella Mumma I immediately thought of her! I had to post them so she could be inspired!!

It really makes me want to renovate an old caravan and tow it away to a secret place and stay a while. Beaches, sun, sand, BBQ, food and swimming. A girl can only dream in my current situation!! Enjoy Jo!!

Take care
Emma xx

Saturday, March 12


Sitting here thinking of you.

I was looking through my favourite blogs and A M from The House That A M built summed it up the best. Images that I have seen in the past few days have been heartbreaking!

Our thoughts are with you Japan.
Emma xx

Wednesday, March 9

Yummy Mummy Dance

 I'm offically a fan. This is definately a yummy mummy dance! We do this every week and I'm still practicing my moves! I feel every bit shake as we rock the floor!! lol But is really fun. I love exercise when I don't know I'm doing it! Thank you retro mummy for the post.

Gotta love the moves.

So keep moving my friends!
Love Emma xx

Gee... I wish I could sew!

My friends will know....I LOVE BAGS! Getting out of the nappy bag stage of life was so exciting for me. Going back to changing them everyday and trying a new one from the back of the cupboard is fun. My husband believes I have enough, but a girl cannot have too many bags I reckon!

When I stumbled onto Amy Butler fabrics and designs I was fasinated! These are awesome designs and I may even be tempted to create! I'm hopeless with a sewing machine! I'll have to call Mum! Check some of these beauties out!

These bags are made with the most amazing fabrics with beautiful colours. Amy Butler has  a great range of all things to sew. Check out some of her other 'whiz bang' ideas!

I feel the need to do some online shopping!!! maybe a walk instead....ho hum.

Love Emma x

Sunday, March 6

More Inspiration from Dream Homes

I thought that would be it for today but as I began to blog and flick through my favourite pages I found this site which Catherine has made Beautiful!!!!  In My House has some awesome pictures and ideas for renovations. I just need a house on the beach now! I 'm sure she wouldn't mind if you had a peek at some of her pictures...Enjoy!



Check out more at In My House

Now I'm actually going to bed!!! Good night. Need my beauty sleep to be able to rise early!!!! lol

Love Emma xx


Well it is time to get moving. No longer can I use the excuse that I 'just had a baby' when she is standing beside me! I have seriously thought of every excuse. I'm busy, too tied, not the right outfit, too full, too hungry, kids crying, other things to do, need a friend and even just can't be bothered!

I have decide to just move. Simple really. No money needed, no scales just MOVE! I have began the rest of my life today. I like to call it a ' lifestyle' change. One that the kids can do too. So it means getting up at the crack of dawn to walk. Lets face it....I'm usually up by then tossing and turning thinking about my to do list!

I wish

No, I don't live on the beach but even that excuse won't work. I simply charge around the streets at home. I love that it is early and most people will never see this event! It's not pretty and I don't look like this sweet lady. I sweat, moan and if I a little jog! Complete with untoned muscle flapping in the breeze! lol

So my friends, how do you move? Got any good ideas that are as simple as walking? Please don't say the clothes line walk because personally I think that could send me a little mad! Walking around in circles is not's INSANE!!

I encourage you to get up early and enjoy God's creation!

Love Emma xx

Friday, March 4

Attack of the Towels!

Ok so what are you up to this weekend? Busy cooking, cleaning, lunches, sport or just driving your kids to all their social events only to neglect your own social life?

Well I had a get idea to clean out the linen closet.

Does your look like this?

or this?

or are you more like this person? 

  How many towels do you really need? Are you like me and keep old ones incase of severe flooding? Now more than ever this could become reality. I can hear my husband saying  " How many sheets, pillow cases and towels does one family need? Give them to the salvos and create space!" So encouraging..all the good ideas with no follow through!

Well I just might attack that job this weekend. I was inspired by this blogger who had a great idea for fitted sheets.

Place the sheet set inside one of the pillow cases to create a clean and neat look for that dreaded cupboard!
I thought this was a great idea! Oh how my life can be reduced to such meaningless wisdom!!
Enjoy. Let me know how it goes.
Take care
Love Emma x

Thursday, March 3

Hay Hay Hay, Looking Good!

I sneaked my copy of the new Donna Hay magazine from my neighbours kitchen bench (sorry Nel, just a borrow while your are away soaking up the sun). I am trying to lose weight but reading this magazine just wants me to EAT, COOK and be MERRY! hahha

I love reading it, even if I don't recreate most of her recipes. The book is so colourful and pretty.

 I also was so taken by her weight loss. Donna you are looking AMAZING!!

From This

To this!!

You already know that I love a good before and after. This one is truely inspiring.
If Donna can lose weight and be a professional cook....then I definately can!

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