Friday, March 4

Attack of the Towels!

Ok so what are you up to this weekend? Busy cooking, cleaning, lunches, sport or just driving your kids to all their social events only to neglect your own social life?

Well I had a get idea to clean out the linen closet.

Does your look like this?

or this?

or are you more like this person? 

  How many towels do you really need? Are you like me and keep old ones incase of severe flooding? Now more than ever this could become reality. I can hear my husband saying  " How many sheets, pillow cases and towels does one family need? Give them to the salvos and create space!" So encouraging..all the good ideas with no follow through!

Well I just might attack that job this weekend. I was inspired by this blogger who had a great idea for fitted sheets.

Place the sheet set inside one of the pillow cases to create a clean and neat look for that dreaded cupboard!
I thought this was a great idea! Oh how my life can be reduced to such meaningless wisdom!!
Enjoy. Let me know how it goes.
Take care
Love Emma x

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