Wednesday, March 9

Gee... I wish I could sew!

My friends will know....I LOVE BAGS! Getting out of the nappy bag stage of life was so exciting for me. Going back to changing them everyday and trying a new one from the back of the cupboard is fun. My husband believes I have enough, but a girl cannot have too many bags I reckon!

When I stumbled onto Amy Butler fabrics and designs I was fasinated! These are awesome designs and I may even be tempted to create! I'm hopeless with a sewing machine! I'll have to call Mum! Check some of these beauties out!

These bags are made with the most amazing fabrics with beautiful colours. Amy Butler has  a great range of all things to sew. Check out some of her other 'whiz bang' ideas!

I feel the need to do some online shopping!!! maybe a walk instead....ho hum.

Love Emma x

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