Sunday, March 6


Well it is time to get moving. No longer can I use the excuse that I 'just had a baby' when she is standing beside me! I have seriously thought of every excuse. I'm busy, too tied, not the right outfit, too full, too hungry, kids crying, other things to do, need a friend and even just can't be bothered!

I have decide to just move. Simple really. No money needed, no scales just MOVE! I have began the rest of my life today. I like to call it a ' lifestyle' change. One that the kids can do too. So it means getting up at the crack of dawn to walk. Lets face it....I'm usually up by then tossing and turning thinking about my to do list!

I wish

No, I don't live on the beach but even that excuse won't work. I simply charge around the streets at home. I love that it is early and most people will never see this event! It's not pretty and I don't look like this sweet lady. I sweat, moan and if I a little jog! Complete with untoned muscle flapping in the breeze! lol

So my friends, how do you move? Got any good ideas that are as simple as walking? Please don't say the clothes line walk because personally I think that could send me a little mad! Walking around in circles is not's INSANE!!

I encourage you to get up early and enjoy God's creation!

Love Emma xx

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