Monday, April 4


hello to all my friends in blog world! I have been missing in action for the past couple of weeks. I've really missed my blogging but life can get busy and on top of you at times.

So I was forced back to the things that are truely important for a while like family, health, Big Man Jesus, friends and making sure there is food in the house! lol

The real beauty is that in hard times you begin to re discover how blessed you really are.

This year for the people who know me, has been one of the hardest i've ever experienced. With God's love, friends and family, we have managed to keep our heads above the ever rising water. It has been a time where I've really had to let Jesus drive the boat. The storms were wild and the seas rough but He can soothe them in a word. One single word. At times I wanted to drive and control it, I soon realised what a terrible sailor I was! HOw silly of me to think that I was in control? The water and storms really showed me how little control I really had.

I thank Jesus for all the trials because they can strengthen you. I live and learn. Life is a journey and I'm definately in for the ride!


This week is an important week in the life of my family. We celebrate one full year of my mum being fit, fabulous, healthy and cancer free. We had a little scare but all is good now after much prayer, tears and binding together as a family. We have decided to have a little celebration dinner to mark the  day. I declare that season over and new one to begin!!! Amen sister!

Mr Ruby Belle has broken his leg and after three operations and an infection, he is on the mend. Unfortunately he has been off work for about 7 months!!!! I just want my old life back.  I guess this is where the "in sickness and in health" bit of the vows kicks in! lol

Ruby has not seen the funny side of it and refuses to participate in family photos!! Does anybody own her? I think she taks after her father here...

Jules loves to hang out at home. His favourite thing to do, is build mobilo ALL DAY!!

and Harry continues to suprise me with cups of tea, washing dishes, cleaning his room..all to help me!! Gotta love it when they are at the age to give back to family and friends with kindness. He is an awesome kid who always looks out for his brother and sister. I love this shot because it captures his heart...

so I'll leave you with the promise to keep up to date with my blog a bit more and a little verse that I love so much....

Have the BEST WEEK EVER my


  1. Emma, you are an inspiration! I know things will get better!
    Hugs to you all

  2. Hi Emma You may like to look at my ramblings at Hugs

  3. thanks david!!! Things are looking up already!!!


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