Sunday, April 17


Families are such wonderful blessings and I am TOTALLY in love with mine! They make me laugh and giggle EVERYDAY. We sneak a kiss or two, snuggle at night and they continue to amaze me with their sense of humour. I often think how dull my life was before I had my treasures!

Now let me even things up.....Life is not always perfect and these special treasure can turn on my husband and I at a moments notice! Giggles turn to cries, sharing and loving turns to pushing and shoving. The whispers of  "I love you Mum", flip to - "You never let me do anything and I wish I had another Mum" (thanks Harry, I love you too!) 

The thing that keeps me going is this...... that they are a gift. On loan to me for such a short time. I believe my purpose is to train them, teach them, show them unconditional love, demonstrate compassion & empathy towards others and teach them about their awesome creator. I have a job to do. I job that I love and feel blessed to have. Like all jobs there are ups and downs. They lighten my day and make the dark times seem bright. A child's laughter & smile can melt away the worries of the world!

I know I getting deep but I wanted to encourage you in the times when you basically want to 'kill' your kids. I don't mean that literally but you know what I'm talking about. Those days when you never seem to get enough me time, they fight ALL day, cry ALL day, want something EVERY TIME you just sit down or tell you that your the worst mum ever.

Chin up are awesome. Hang in there and just keep loving them!! Here are a few reasons why I love my family......

I know sticks are bad but they were having fun in the backyard. I can hear my mum say..."It''s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!!" I'm celebrating the fact that they are actually playing together and there are no tears...yet!

crazy eyes always get a laugh at the dinner table

I heard the Teletubbies were making a come back! hahhaha. No seriously these are a lifesaver. No more cold feet and legs at night and a good night sleep for the WHOLE family!! A must for winter I say.

Easter Hat parade. The preparation was intense...glue guns, feathers, eggs, tissue paper, burns to the fingers but all worht it! Important to get the bowl of cereal into you before you march around the school. Lets hope the look on his face turns to a smile....actually this was the face when I told him he would have to wear it infront of the whole school. "really" he said.

what is a parade with out little sister joining in a making a hat?

little brother just wanted a bouncy head band...a reason to smile.

Only a face a mum could love. I do. I want to squish that face up and plant a big kiss on it!

Have a great week....
Love Emma xx

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