Monday, April 18

Love your man day.....

ok so I can't stop writing about how much I love my family. I promise I will stop soon but not before I blab to the world about my husband. I posted last night and began to think how I said I love my family but didn't really mention the man in my life!! Sorry honey!!

He loves to be the mystery man in cyber space, he dosen't think facebook is a good idea, pictures should not be posted of him and for the life of him, can't work out why I would want to write a blog and tell the world about my life. "Who wants to read it?" is a constantly asked question whispered over my shoulder as I type!

So as he sleeps this early morning, I am typing like mad before everyone gets up. Sorry sweetie, the world is going to hear how much I love you!!!

This weekend he excelled. He mowed the lawn and made it look amazing!! Fresh cut grass is a wonderful smell!.

 a hat for sun safety is him!

after 7 months with a broken leg...this was an achievement!!!

He went to the shops and bought home this...

Bella I love you

and the latest House and Garden..what more could a girl want?

I often find these two having a snuggle on the couch

I think he is watching Playschool!!

he loves the outdoors with his kids...

they really can't stop doing this...should I be jealous of my daughter?

he teaches Harry all he knows about posing for cameras!

loves to have a laugh

is absolutely HOT! (sorry darling! He will kill me!)

helped to create the most amazing kids!!!!

loves me...

and I love him...

I love doing life with him and wouldn't change a thing! (maybe just a few small domestic tasks that I could teach him!!) You rock Honey!!!!

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  1. awww what a lovely post about your other half! You have a gorgeous family, Emma!


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