Saturday, October 15

sand between your toes

What a beautiful country  in which we live. I'm so blessed to live close to the beach and be able to take time out of the busy day to feel the sand between my toes. Last week I did just that.

This blog is about my everyday adventures and a record of my busy days as I navigate life with three kids and a husband. Instead of stalking other peoples blogs, I stalked my own!! lol I spent time flicking through old posts and sipping my tea. It was great. I smiled as I recalled some of my favourite days spent with the family.

It really puts stuff into perspective. You really can't remember the day at work you had, the type of meal you served that night or if you brought the washing in wet or dry that day. The things I remember are the smiles, the laughter, the smells and the time spent with the kids and husband. 

I encourage anyone who is thinking of starting the blogging journal to do so. Yes other peole can read it but if you aren't doing anything illegal that should be ok!!!! You actually find that there are many people who think the same way or feel the same way. I love your comments!! I get readers from Turkey to Russia . If my mundane life helps peolple feel not so alone then that is awesome!

So back to the beach....getting a bit off track!!! Here are some of my favourite pic of the quick trip to the beach. Bring on Summer!!!!

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