Thursday, July 21


The day started like any other. Chaos at breakfast, chaos in the car drive to school, little people who don't want midday naps, chaos again in the car for school pick up and of course the crankys come out at dinner time!  Gotta love being a mum!!!!

Well I decided that come dinner just roll with it!!!
Don't fight it. Be a lover not a hater.

Enjoy and discover what is in front of you.

Kids? I hear you ask? Didn't you just say you had a shocker all day?

Yes. Look past them!

I see bread.

Yes... Bread was on the menu.
Staring at me.
Literally on the chopping board.

 How does one enjoy and discover bread whilst children are yelling, fighting, throwing things and demanding dinner?

Let me help you discover the joy of bread and being a kid, wrapped into one experience....

Lesson 101:  
First you cut it and discover a hole

then you take a picture from lots of angles.
Hand camera to eldest child.
Pray he doesn't drop it!

then cut more bread to make glasses

work out that the end looks a little like a pig's nose

Take a few crazy shots of us together and get back to making dinner..

Just  a little time out to have some fun.

 I believe that is what we all need! We don't need theme parks to amuse us!
Plain old, good fashion fun.

My Mum used to say 
"Fun is what you make it"!
Amen Sister!

Hopefully there will be a few more posts coming. I've been so slack and busy! Have an amazing week.

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  1. Dinner..... Shudder. I posted on similar this arc, ready to trade my kids in for medical experiments! Maybe I should try the bread tactic!


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