Friday, December 3

My First Post

Hi there! This is a whole new experience for me! Scary but exciting, all in the one breath! I'm learning each day and can't wait to record the funny moments shared with friends and family. I've been thinking for a while whether I would begin this journey or not. I bit the bullet on my birthday ( as i'm not getting any younger)and created a blog.

I think it will be exciting as I have absolutely no hobbies, creative sewing bones or real cooking experience!! I actually have no reason to write except that I want to keep a journal of my crazy, busy life! Boring to some, interesting to others, embarrassing to my kids and therapeutic to me!! hahaha

I promise it won't be  super intense rather an opportunity to write about my life, experiences, thoughts and feelings. I  love the idea that this is a record of my life in such a crazy time!

(My inspiration for the name of my blog)

So hang on for the ride!! I hope that sharing
 my thoughts may lead someone to believe
 that they are not alone and their day looks pretty much like mine!

just another reason to begin a blog. I need to remember this stuff... I'm getting older and my memory could fade!!!

It was a small gathering and my best friend made me a cake. Yum!! Not much left after the peeps all had a slice. It's the simple things in life like chocolate cake that make my heart sing!

 made with love
 flowers my son gave me (as Mr Belle was away). He promised to be the man of the house and I guess he took it seriously!!
My birthday present which arrived today.
 All the places that mean so much to Mr & Mrs Belle ( us).

Thankyou for sharing with me today on my first EVER blog. Hope to write more soon and share a bit more about my life...

May God bless you
Love Ruby Belle xx


  1. welcome to blogging! it's fun and i love seeing everyone's families and knowing it's just as crazy like my house!

    oh and happy birthday!

  2. Welcome to the world of the blog. It is adictive and fun but best of all your memories are recorded. xx


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