Wednesday, December 8

Why is it that on a beautiful day I immediately think.....great day for the washing! and not ..gee I'd like to go to the beach? Motherhood does strange things to my thinking!

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All of a sudden you forget your own hair but insist that the baby's hair is done complete with a bow, You cook, boil, mash, puree and freeze meals for your young one but forget to eat yourself. You bathe the baby and ensure that a cotton bud is used to clean out every crevice but are lucky to jag a shower every two days!! Come on now.. you know what i'm talking about!

Motherhood would have to be the most hard work i've ever experienced!! But it is truely the most rewarding work you will find this side of heaven. I feel so blessed to have such great little people in my life that not having a shower really doesn't rate as important! I encourage you to take time out and enjoy your cheribs, leave the washing, ironing or ringing mobile phone. All these things can wait.

What matter's is that you take time to spend time with your kids. Play with them, laugh with them and hug them. They grow up so quickly, enjoy EVERY minute!!!

Love Emma xx


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