Friday, December 31


I would love to blog about the most exciting night out with family and friends but the reality is that I am having the most perfect night!
All children asleep, a glass of champagne and the whole new season of Brothers and Sisters to watch. I call that the most awesome New Years Eve yet!!

Today I felt very Pink. I love all things pink . Here are my favourite pink things....

Pink Champagne, Bella, Moet I don't care as long as it is Pink!!!

Pink Flowers. They make me feel happy.
All shades of Pink Nail polish

Decorating in tones of pink
( I don't get to because Mr Belle thinks it is a little to pretty for a master bedroom!!) oh well...
Pink Perfume bottles of glass jars
Pink Paper
Turkish Delight.. Need i say more?

My Pink Pocket Bible that I can take anywhere

and lastly..a pink tea cup. Gotta love a cuppa!!!

What is your favourite colour? What do you love?

Have a great New Year.
May God Bless you and your families.
Love Emma xx

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