Sunday, December 5

What to pack for lunch?

I have discovered an amazing invention. Sure you probably have all seen it, but I'm hooked! Yes, I am going to admit that I have a child that does not like crusts on their sandwiches!!

A 'good' mother would insist that they eat them ALL up and that it will make them big, strong, clever or maybe even grow curly hair.
Well I am here to say that I choose my battles wisely with my children.  Insisting that they eat crusts or no crusts doesn't rate highly when the others are fighting with cricket bats in the lounge room!!! I say as long as they eat!!! I'm happy.

So the 'LUNCH PUNCH' helped me take back the fun and excitment in preparing boring sandwiches. I've even had the neighbours joining in on the cognitive fun at lunch!!

Do I hear you say...What are you talking about? Take a look...

Every kitchen should have one!! Can't wait to make the sandwiches for school tomorrow....
Must go to sleep now to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the start of the week.

Love Emma xox

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  1. Hi Emma,
    I just stumbled across your blog and want to wish you best of luck as you have just started. I am still gathering up courage to start a blog, after christmas will be a good time I think.
    Cheers, Sharon


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